These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 58 – Sharing An Inside Look Into Fatherhood

This week’s for the Dads Doing It Right series I am going to highlight a few dad websites that are giving you an inside look into fatherhood. These dads want to share their fatherhood journey. They share the ups and downs and everything in the middle.  If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their name and info in the comment section below. 

Dave Cutler – An Inside Look Into The Dad Life 

As a father of four kids, Dave has been firmly entrenched in the Dad Life for some time now. Dave and his wife have both always worked full-time while managing the schedules and needs of four children 10 and under and one crazy dog named Sandy. With no family nearby and no hired help, their daily routine has been a balancing act which closely resembles juggling chainsaws, as other folks in similar situations can likely attest. This blog is a vehicle for Dave to share his family’s story, including his struggle to balance career and family, and also a way for him to connect with other parents. Read his work over at 

Eric Olson – The Modern Father 

The Modern Father starts with a simple idea. It is to provide for fathers in any situation a place to gather, share, and learn. Being a father is hard. Striving to be a better father is even more difficult. Because of that, The Modern Father focuses on ways to overcome obstacles and challenges to being a better father. And since a better father isn’t just about changing diapers, fixing boo boos, or going to Little League games, The Modern Father will dive into other aspects of a father’s life. Things such as work-life balance, maintaining a home, supporting a partner and taking care of the mind and body. Check out his site at 

Mickey Farmer – Griswold Dad 

The Griswold Dad site is a dad and travel blog. There is a ton of other information for parents and travelers. With a goal of both parenting information as a dad and travel information, Mickey combined the two endeavors with the idea of the famous dad who likes to travel: Clark Griswold, from the “Vacation” movies. Check out his site if you enjoy traveling and parenting. 

Mark Beagley – Boldly Beagley 

Mark and his wife, Melissa are blessed with two children. They started up the site called Boldly Beagley. They decided to start a blog with several things in mind. First, writing is remarkably therapeutic. So they are going to take advantage of the free therapy. Second, they want to share their unique experience and perspective as an interracial, adoptive family. Third, they would like to advocate, educate and connect with others regarding Autism. Lastly, they hope to commiserate with each other and their readers concerning marriage and parenthood. Read their stories over at their website. 

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