These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 56 – Dad Groups That Are Bringing Dads Together

This week’s for the Dads Doing It Right series I am taking a look at a few dad groups that are bringing dads together. It so great to see all the things that these dads are doing to make sure other dads can connect with them to feel like they belong. Keep up the great work guys. If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their name and info in the comment section below. 

Real Dads Network – Sharing Stories About Fatherhood 

The Real Dads Network is the outgrowth of the award-winning documentary Real Dads -Black Men on Fatherhood in 2000. It included commentary by the late Ossie Davis and was directed by Derek Phillips and Nikki Dees. The purpose of documentary was to show positive black fathers who were actively involved in the nurturing and raising of their children. As a result of the feedback from the documentary, it became evident that there was a strong need for an organization where fathers could tell their stories and share their experiences. Learn more about them by going to their website. 

Mega Dads – One of The Dad Groups Living That Gamer Life 

Mega Dads was created in March 2014 as a gaming community. It was created by guys who balance their love of video games with the responsibilities of adulthood. Spouses, children and careers take up a considerable amount of time. Trying to fit a time consuming hobby into your day can be quite a challenge. Therefore Mega Dads presents a humorous look at that life. Mega Dads isn’t just for parents though. They provide a look at the video game industry that hopefully will be funny and informative to everybody. Check out their site here. 

Dads In Gear – Making Healthy Strides For Dads

The main objective of the program is for Indigenous men to gain the strength, the motivation, and the tools they need to build healthy lifestyles. It is not just for them, but their families as well. DIG uses the power of social connections and men’s desire to be good dads and granddads. They want to inspire their determination to stop smoking cigarettes and to become more physically active. To learn about their work click here. 

Dad Cool Project – Caring For All Dads

The Daddy Cool Project is a UK social enterprise highlighting the importance and positive impact of fathers. They also promote male-role models living and working in today’s society. They do this by hosting various events and activities. Some of those include tournaments and workshops. They have interviews to bring a fresh dynamic to local communities encouraging support from all members of the family. In addition they feel that, “You don’t have to be a father to support fatherhood.” Check out their YouTube page for more on them. 

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