How Being A Commissioner In Your Fantasy Football League Is Like Being A Parent

I have been playing fantasy football for years now. Draft day is one of the best days of the year. I am the commissioner in each of the leagues that I am in this year. Most of the time things run smoothly. Yet, when you add new members to a league things can get weird. For the most part the majority of the guys in that league are great, but just like in every family there are few kids or in this case team managers that you have to keep on eye on. After that fantasy draft this week I saw some parallels to parenting. Let me know if you experienced any of these moments in your league in the comment section below. 

Are We There Yet And How Much Longer? 

When you are on a family road trip the dreaded question of “Are we there yet?” will always come up at one point or another. Telling your kid that it is not about the destination, but the journey will not always fly. It is all about how you try and find ways to distract your kids to keep them occupied while in the car. It can be the same way when other team managers are asking why someone is taking too long with their pick. We did a virtual draft and I was getting a few texts on why the draft was taking so long. I had to use that “Are we there yet?” Jedi mind tricks on these guys to keep them distracted while they were waiting for their turn to draft a player. 

Not The Time Nor The Place In Fantasy Football 

Parents can remember when their kids were toddlers and their child might have said something at the wrong time. It might be very innocent on the child’s part, but it made for an awkward moment. There were funny stories that my parents would share with friends and family about things that I would say back in the day. When it comes to grown men you would think they would think before they hit send in a group text. As we all have seen on social media that is not the case. The group text thread was getting bombarded with either cryptocurrency stock tips or jokes that were way off the mark. Thankfully I had a few other managers that read the room and helped steer the text string back to a normal place. 

Help, It Is Not Working 

Remember when your child gets a new toy? If they can’t figure it out right away they think it is broken. They don’t have the patience to see things through or look at the toy in another way. They just run to you and tell you that the toy is busted. As a parent you take a deep breath and show them how to use that toy or guide them to where they can figure it out on their own. I had one team manager say he couldn’t find the link the draft room. I told him that we all had to wait an hour before the draft began to get into the draft room. Like Guns N’ Roses told us, “All we need is just a little patience.” After a few tries he got in. Overall it was a fun draft and I am looking forward to this NFL season. Good luck to you in your fantasy league. May your roster be full of points and no injuries. 

8 thoughts on “How Being A Commissioner In Your Fantasy Football League Is Like Being A Parent”

  1. I actually had to break up a league because it wasn’t fun anymore. A few people stayed on in the new league, but it was time to start fresh.

  2. So true. I commish a league I have had for 10 years now. One thing I would add or those that leave the nest. Yahoo auto-renews people but I get some that just get tired of playing and don’t participate. Then once I kick them they gripe at me and ask why did I kick them out.

    • Thanks for sharing Greg. It is always funny when the managers are not doing anything seem to care when they get kicked out. Been there man.


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