The Science Behind Kid Logic

Recently my kids have made me remember something that I haven’t used for many, many years now. It is kid logic. Kid logic is something that kids use that might not follow the rules of science or reason. To be fair adults are prone to do this from time to time, but in ways that are different from kid logic. That is a topic for another day. My kids read my articles here on my site, so I am guessing they won’t let me forget to write that article on parent logic. Let’s get back to the topic at hand. Below are a few examples of kid logic. Please feel free to share your examples of kid logic in the comment section below. 

Kid Voices Carry Farther Than Parent Voices 

One example of kid logic is that a kid’s voice will travel farther than an adult. A few days ago I was finishing up dinner and asked my youngest to tell her sister and mom that the meal was ready. At the top of her lungs she yells out, “Dinner is ready!” She was standing right by me. I looked at her and told that I could have done the same thing. I wanted her to go upstairs and tell them dinner was ready. She smiled and went upstairs and got the rest of the fam for dinner. Had to chuckle a bit, but now I realize that I probably did that back in the day. 

If A Car Door Is Locked Just Pull Harder 

A few weeks ago I took my daughters school shopping and they taught me a lesson. I learned that if a car door is locked, just pull harder on the handle and hopefully the door will open. As we got back to the car from the store, they tried to open the door before I unlocked the car. I would see them pull on the handle once. The door didn’t open so logically they just pulled harder on the door, but to no avail the door wouldn’t open. Strange right? I looked at them and said to wait until I unlocked the doors. This was a trend that kept on happening all day. I just looked at them in awe and had to explain to them again that no matter hard you pull on a locked door it won’t open. By the end of the day they caught on and waited until they heard the car doors unlock. 

The Difference Between Now And Now

You might do a double take on this. Now should mean now, but it does not. When using kid logic, there are two types of now. For kids when they need something from us, now means right now. When parents need their kids to do something now, kids see “now” as in fifteen minutes to an hour “now.”  

I will give you an example. My daughter asked me to sign a permission slip for school she needed to be returned the next day. I told her that needed to read it first and will sign it later that night. She wanted it done now. I told her I had to finish some work, but that didn’t matter. She wanted me to sign it right away. Yet, when laundry needs to be folded, the now turns into a 30 minutes. Time moves differently when using kid logic. Just make sure you know what time zone you are using when it comes to kid logic time versus standard time. 

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  1. Okay… Kid logic can definitely be hard to manage sometimes lol but it was one of my favorite things about working with and teaching kids Heart decoration

    • We now know why our parents were complaining of that when we were kids.

    • Oh man. That used to happen in our house. I feel your pain.


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