These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 76 – Dad Websites That You Should Check Out

This week’s for the Dads Doing It Right series I wanted to share some dad websites that you need to check out. These dads are talking about fatherhood, DIY projects and many other topics. Make sure you read their work, their website and follow them on social media. If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their name and info in the comment section below. 

Dad Rambles Workshop – A DIY Of Dad Websites

Make It! Break It! Fix It ! DIY! If there is something Dad Rambles can make or fix himself, he will try it. He likes to make videos and tutorials about the things he makes along the way. Although most of his work and projects are home or woodworking related, he might also cook up a few things every now and then. Go to to see all of the projects he is working on. 

Zachary – Dad’s Achievement Guide

Zachary started up his site, Dad’s Achievement Guide when he became  a newly minted dad. He and his wife, Anna are parents to a lovely little girl named Elizabeth. At the time of his blog’s inception, she was a mere 5 months old. Now Zach writes about his fatherhood journey. In March 2014, he parted ways with a lucrative job at a pharmaceutical juggernaut where he worked for the last decade. His reason for leaving was simple. It was a lifestyle driven by headstrong, career-oriented, self-centered behavior strongly clashed with the amount of time, energy and love I felt is needed to devote towards being exactly the kind of father I want to be. Read his thoughts over at 

Rodney Kellum – Fatherpreneur 

When Rodney Kellum reached complete exhaustion and financial depletion he decided to change his life. Now Rodney is an online entrepreneur who has a real work/life balance. He  also has a passion to help other overworked dads break free from the dream killing “employee mindset.” That mindset that used to keep him trapped in a cycle of unemployment, broke, and unfulfilled. Learn more about Rodney here. 

Jamie – Brickie Boss 

Jame is a dad of two. He started up a site called Brickies Club. His business aims to inspire a future generation of Master Builders by delivering brick events, using LEGO elements. They look to focus on nurturing imagination and promoting creative play. Jamie and his crew have a YouTube channel where you can check out the latest work from their future film makers and any LEGO related reviews. Visit for more information.

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