These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 9 – Geeky Dads

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right Series I am showcasing some dads who geek out with their kids. My daughters and I love to watch Star Wars and Marvel movies together. We just started playing Dungeons and Dragons thanks to one of the geeky dads highlighted in today’s article. I find that when you can share a hobby with your kids it opens up for an even better relationship with them. Let’s take a look at some geeky dads that are doing such a great job geeking out with their kids. 

Gil Noriega and Victor Aragon – The Ultimate Fandads 

What happens when two lifelong Fanboys have kids of their own? They become the Fandads. On their site, Gil and Victor write about sharing their love of all geeky things. They love sharing video games, movies, comics and toys with their kids as well as the importance of being a good father. The Fandads are based in Chicago. They review a lot of family friendly items. Check out their website at and follow them on Twitter at @Fandads.

Zach Rosenberg – The 8 Bit Dad 

Zach Rosenberg is a husband, father and writer, living in California. He is Co-Founder of 8BitDad. It is a website featuring humorous and geeky fatherhood stories. Zach and I even did a podcast together called, Nerds, Geeks and Dads. We covered all things geek and even had guests on that were from the movie, music and video game industries. His love for Street Fighter rivals my love for Mortal Kombat. Make sure you read some of his stuff over on The Good Men Project, Red Tricycle, and The Huffington Post. Follow him on Instagram or as he calls it THE GRAM at @zjrosenberg. 

Sam – Dork Daddy 

Sam is one of the geekiest dads out there. He and his kids enjoy a lot of things together. From Star Wars to STEM to Indiana Jones to fishing Sam and his family are doing it right! During the day Sam runs his dentist firm, but in the evening and on weekends he transforms into DORKDADDY! Just look at the setup he created for a Star Wars viewing party. Plus, he takes his geekdom with him at work. Just look at one of his rooms in his dentist office. He is a legit geek! Follow him on Twitter at @dorkdaddy1.

Matt – One Of The Original Geeky Dads 

I got to meet Matt when I was living in New Jersey. I think the first time I met him in person was at New York Comic Con. Very fitting especially since he is being featured in an article about geeky dads. Matt was the Co-Host of Geek Stuff Podcast and former Co-Host on It’s Erik Nagel. He runs a Twitch Channel that you can check out at Matt is the one that got me and my daughters into playing Dungeons and Dragons. Matt and his son geek out together and it really cool to see the adventures that they go on. 

Chris Leddy – A MARVELous Dad  

Chris and I went to school together. As time moved on and I moved out of New Hampshire I was able to reconnect with Chris online. It was really cool to see all the cool stuff Chris was collecting. He has two daughters just like me. He and his daughters share a love of Star Wars and Marvel comic books.

One time I asked him to talk about how he and his daughters bond over all things geek. This is what he told me. “One of the best things about being a dad is being able to share my geekdom with my girls. I’m so thankful to have two healthy kids that enjoy what I enjoy. When it comes to collecting, I have many items out for all of us to play with and then I’ve got all my higher end/rare stuff tucked away. I’ve collected the Marvel Legends 6” line from Toy Biz/Hasbro basically since it started. I love the playability the figures have and the sheer amount of characters available is astonishing. We have the most fun setting up the figures and it brings me joy to see their imaginations at work.”

That is one geeky dad. Follow Chris @vintageviewport on Twitter and Instagram. Plus, he is the collecting contributor for and co-host of Sixth Scale Scavengers Hot Toys podcast. 

2 thoughts on “These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 9 – Geeky Dads”

  1. This article excites me because my 4yr old is JUST about to get into some nerdy stuff that I’m into. He already likes Star Wars and has a BB8 R/C robot. He doesn’t quite understand “collectibles” but gets that I protect my stuff.
    This Christmas I’m surprising him with some sports cards and some age-appropriate comics to get his appetite going.
    As for me? I’m still trying to introduce the idea to my wife to have some of my “old stuff” on the walls!
    Thanks for the good read, will definitely check these guys out.


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