These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 93 – Dads Looking To Create Better Futures 

This week’s for the Dads Doing It Right series I am looking to showcase some dads who are looking to create better futures for others. These dads are doing great work! If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their name and info in the comment section below.

The Dovetail Project – Creating Better Futures 

The Dovetail Project looks to give young African American fathers ages 17 to 24 the skills and support they need to be better fathers for their children. In addition to be better men in their communities. They believe in the power of being present. Their group believes in owning up to the responsibilities of fatherhood both emotional and economic. They believe in the positive impact young fathers can have not only on the children they help raise, but on generations of children to come. They believe in providing young fathers with a deeper understanding of felony street law to ensure those relationships remain unbroken. To learn more about our organization, please visit

Dads Encourage Kids On Test Day 

Fathers delivered words of encouragement to students as they walked through the doors of Rawlings Elementary School before taking the math section of the Florida Student Assessment end-of-the-year test. “We want the students to know that we are here for them,” said James F. Lawrence, executive director of GNV4ALL. “This is a symbolic gesture to show up and cheer them on. There’s something about positive reinforcement — it does have an impact. This will be a starting point to get dads more involved.”What a great way to show that by being there for those kids! 

Nick Leighton – Dad Of Design 

For Nick, children are unpredictable. Sometimes hilarious, and often a nightmare. Whether a good day or bad, there is never a doubt that they are always doing something worthy of writing about. This is why he started his The Dad of Design blog. When his partner and he met, she was already a mom to twin girls. He has helped raise them since they were about 4 years old. Together, he and his wife have also had a daughter. Follow him on Twitter at The Dad Of Design. 

Jose De La Roca  – Dad Without A Dad

Jose De La Roca has a YouTube Channel centered on fatherhood. For Jose, he is a Dad first, talking monkey second, and wanna be a writer third. He wrote a book called, How To Be A Dad Without A Dad that is available on Amazon, iBooks, and Nook. Jose works for a couple radio stations and streaming apps. Check out his YouTube channel here. 

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