These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 94 – Dads Caring About Being Good Fathers 

This week’s for the Dads Doing It Right series I want to share with you some fathers who are looking to be a good dad. Through their podcast, book or website they want to be the best dad they can be. If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their name and info in the comment section below.

James Dudelson – A Good Dad At 65 

James Dudelson is a well-known producer and distributor in the TV & Film Industries. He’s also a very funny guy, which got him invited to star in his own radio show, Hollywood Uncut, which was a success. James loved the experience and has mulled over the idea of doing a podcast and write books for several years but could never find the time nor the inspiration. until his son Aaron was born. He launched his Dad at 65 website and podcast in Spring 2021. This platform is allowing him to explore his humorous views while sharing his multigenerational experience in how to raise children.

John And Nick – Goat Dads 

In a weekly conversation, comedians and historically influential dads Nick Gibbons from Adult Swim and John Mangan from Stranger Things offer a humorous riff on what it takes to be the greatest dad of all time. Whether you’re a new dad or a seasoned vet, take your parenting game to the next level with practical tips, advice, true stories, and tough love from the self-styled GOATs of fatherhood. Check out the podcast here. 

Luke Ross – Dads Digging Deeper 

For Luke Ross, his blog was created out of necessity. In his opinion, young men need to do a better job at providing, being decent husbands, and raising their children. Look around. How many kids are growing up without their fathers? A lot. More so now than ever. The purpose of this blog is for growth. You can read his thoughts and opinions. You will learn and grow together and ultimately, become better fathers and husbands. Therefore, you can check out his site over here.

Fritz – Single Dadhood 

Fritz is a single dad of a teenage daughter and this is his story. Back around 2015, he got divorced and was newly single after a 12-year marriage. He was lost. Fritz was alone. He had no one to turn to. The internet around that time did not have many websites or resources dedicated to the single dad. Life as a single dad was an adjustment and I struggled with knowing where to even begin. Thus, his latest passion project was born. In addition, he wanted to create a space for single dads to have an online resource to help answer some of these questions. Check out his site here. 

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