Top 5 Surprises You Found In Your Lunchbox As Kid 

A few years ago my wife and I started having our kids make their own lunches. For us, we felt it would help teach them time management. In addition, if they make their own lunch they will probably eat everything in their lunchbox. One thing that my wife and I will do is hide a fun snack or treat in their lunchbox. It doesn’t happen all the time and to be fair it is more of my wife’s doing then my own. With that in mind I wanted to share the top five surprises I found in my lunchbox that my mom would put in my school lunch from time to time. Drop your favorites in the comment section below. 

The Top 5 Surprise You Found In Your Lunchbox 

Small Bag Of Chips 

I would always be envious of the kids who had one of those variety bag of chips in their lunchbox. Sure I might get the sandwich bag with pretzels or potato chips, but when I opened up my lunch bag and saw a bag of Doritos, Fritos or Cheetos I was so happy. I would cherish every chip in that small bag. It was the equivalent of wearing brand name clothes and a fresh pair of sneakers that day. Now as a parent I understand the fact that you would buy one bag of chips for three dollars as opposed to the variety pack for ten dollars. Yet when a kid sees an actual bag of brand name chips in their lunchbox they have a smile from ear to ear. 

Cold Pizza 

Move over ham sandwich or the classic PB&J. As you opened up your lunchbox you could start to smell the pizza that was in your bag. Back in the day nothing was better than finding some slices of Pizza Hut pan pizza in your lunch bag. It could be plain cheese pizza or one with toppings, but you were on cloud nine when you got to eat cold pizza for lunch. Nothing else in the lunch bag mattered that day. Pizza reigned supreme over everything else. 


Twix, Skittles or Twinkies. You were a rock star if there was any type of treats in your lunchbox, especially in elementary school. You would have friends looking to barter or trade you for that candy. There were days where you kept the candy all to yourself. On the flip side there were days where you would start the bidding at two bags of potato chips and see who really wanted that candy. That day in school you took your street smarts to a new level. 


If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s, Dunkaroos was on the most wanted list for school lunches. If you went grocery shopping with your parents, you would look to sneak them in the shopping cart. It was always a fifty-fifty percent change that your parents were cool with buying them. They would say, “Don’t eat them at home. Leave them for school lunches.” The temptation was there to eat a few of them at home, but you knew you had to play by the rules so you could get them the next time you were at the store. 


This was the best! Your parents didn’t have time to make your lunch, so they put money in your lunchbox. You could get whatever you wanted. Pizza and tater tots? Why not! Maybe the lunch special was a cheeseburger and fries. Chocolate milk was the only beverage you would get. Nothing was better than drinking chocolate milk during lunch at school. If you had some money left over, you would hit the vending machine for more treats.

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  1. Rare to have anything special in lunch. Sometimes bleary eyed Mom made sandwiches where Dad had made coffee. Yep, coffee grounds on my sandwich. Always got fruit, which I traded with a girl whose dad drove a Drakes Cakes Truck. Yes, Ring Dings!


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