Top 5 Surprises You Found In Your Lunchbox As Kid 

A few years ago my wife and I started having our kids make their own lunches. For us, we felt it would help teach them time management. In addition, if they make their own lunch they will probably eat everything in their lunchbox. One thing that my wife and I will do is hide a … Read more

Dads Can Still Be Cool, Thanks To Fore Fathers 

While walking in a parking lot, you see a random van that gets your attention. You see a faded bumper sticker that reads, I used to be cool. Part of you laughs. The other part of you starts to wince because you feel that in your bones. You may say to yourself, Art, I am … Read more

 Now You’re Cooking!

This month I have been working with Athletic Brewing Company to support their Give Dry A Try initiative for the month of January. If you are looking to enjoy the taste of a craft brew, but want to avoid alcohol, Athletic Brewing Company is the perfect pairing. They have some great food and brew pairings … Read more