Dads Can Still Be Cool, Thanks To Fore Fathers 

While walking in a parking lot, you see a random van that gets your attention. You see a faded bumper sticker that reads, I used to be cool. Part of you laughs. The other part of you starts to wince because you feel that in your bones. You may say to yourself, Art, I am still cool. I agree, but there are times you have questioned your cool factor since you have become a dad. You don’t need to worry anymore. Why? Well, Fore Fathers is there for you dads to reclaim your own style. 

Stay Cool With Fore Fathers 

No matter what you are into, For Fathers has the perfect polo shirt for you. Are you a dad that has a sweet tooth or looking for the perfect shirt for the donuts for dads event at your kid’s school? Well, Fore Fathers got you covered. If you are the king of the grill, well you need to rock their Meat Sweats polo. Do you feel like you have the best lawn in the neighborhood? If you feel that way, you need to rock the Turf Dad. In addition, we know dads are not just one dimensional, so there are plenty of themes out there that add all of your passions. I am a sneakerhead and I am always on the lookout for shirts and polos that match up with my kicks. The unique colors and bold patterns from Fore Fathers help make the outfit one of a kind.  

Like Father Like Kid 

As dads, we love when our kids want to hang out with us. It is such a great feeling when they want to be like us too! Fore Fathers knows this as well. They have shirts that can make your mini me match your style since they have Kid Polos too. It would be something your spouse would love to see as well. Therefore tell your partners to check out Fore Fathers for Father’s Day, birthdays and holidays. Plus, if you have a few guys playing in a golf tournament or any other event, wearing Fore Fathers polos for that event would definitely make heads turn. Speaking of heads, Fore Fathers has hats as well. Plus they also have socks too! So pretty much they have everything you need to feel cool! Thanks to Nick and his team for making dads feel important! 

Please note: I am working with Fore Fathers on a sponsored campaign. I am receiving payment for my work, but my thoughts are my own. 

8 thoughts on “Dads Can Still Be Cool, Thanks To Fore Fathers ”

  1. Sounds like a brand I can rock with. Seems like they care about thier customers and dont just see them as dollar signs.

    • Next week you will get to hear my podcast with Nick from Fore Fathers. He really cares about fatherhood and family.


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