UPgrade Your Home With A MARVELous Arcade

UPgrade Your Home With A MARVELous Arcade! I am a child of the 80’s. I feel like my generation was spoiled with some of the most radical and awesome items that still impacts our lives now. As a kid growing up in that decade I had shows like Masters of the Universe and Transformers. Movies that still rules our world like the Star Wars trilogy and Ghostbusters.

Arcade Sweet Arcade

In the world of gaming we were introduced to the home video game systems like the Atari 2600. Loved playing Pac-Man and Defender. Even with the systems like Atari my friends and I still made it a point to meet up at the arcade.

Take one moment before you read any more of the article to remember your favorite arcade. What did it look like? Do you remember all the bells and whistles that to some sounded like noise pollution? Not for us gamers. It was a melodic symphony to me and my friends. We saved some of our allowance money to play at least a few games at our local arcade. The arcade was our home away from home.

Bringing The Arcade Home

Even now as my friends and I got older we still have a love for video games. The next gen systems are great, but I do miss those times at the arcade. That was until Arcade1Up came along. They made my generation have all the feels when they released the news that they were coming out with arcade units that would be perfect for your home and not break the bank.

Over the years I would scour eBay and other auction sites for an arcade unit for my home. The game units were either too expensive or was in such bad shape that you would probably only get a few games out of that system.

Now with Arcade1Up you get that feeling of playing at the arcade in the comforts of your own home. The price point makes it an easy sell. You can’t get that quality of an arcade unit for that price anywhere else. I recently got the Marvel Superheroes Arcade Machine unit from Arcade1Up and I immediately went back to my childhood. I was beyond giddy!

Plus I had to share the news with my friends. The lucky ones are my friends that live near me. I told them that they needed to come over and try the game out. Needless to say my friends were just as excited as me. We started texting stories of our favorite moments in the arcade and setting up a day where they would come over and play. One of my friends started checking out the Arcade1Up site to decide which game he would pick up.

Authentic Gameplay

Enter the world of Marvel with Arcade1Up’s Capcom’s Marvel Super Heroes Home Arcade Game, and collect the Infinity Gems! Battle your way through some of the most iconic Marvel characters of all time and defeat Thanos to save the universe! Players can battle as their favorite Marvel heroes and villains including, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, and Magneto. Capcom’s Arcade1Up Marvel Super Heroes At- Home Arcade Game also includes X-Men: Children of the Atom and The Punisher.

All three games took me back to the 90’s! Capcom’s Marvel Super Heroes and s X-Men: Children of the Atom are fighting games and are great to play against your friends or against the computer. The Punisher game is a beat ’em up arcade that stars the Marvel Comics’ anti-hero the Punisher and co-stars S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury as the second player’s character as they look to take down the crime lord the Kingpin. The game has a range of usable weapons and a comics-style presentation. This game takes you back to the time you spent in the arcade. 

Right now you can pick up this game at Walmart for the low price of $299. So if you have some holiday cash you got from Santa you might want to pick up Arcade1Up’s Marvel Super Heroes Home Arcade. 

Please note: Arcade1Up gave me this product to review, but my thoughts are my own. 

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