How DMX Songs Are The Keys To Good Parenting

Many people have written books on how you can reach your best parenting potential. Jon Finkel and I wrote a book last year about fatherhood that came from one of my podcast series. With so many parenting books out there it is tough to digest all of that great information. Yet one day I had an epiphany about learning the keys to good parenting. 

It was when I was listening to old school Rap on Pandora and a few DMX songs came on that station. Those songs spoke to me in a different way now to when I was a kid listening to those songs for the very first time. 

Now you are probably thinking how can DMX make you a great parent. Well, I will show you with some of his hit songs from over the years. So let’s dive right in to see how DMX songs are the keys to good parenting. 


Slippin’ is one of DMX’s slow jams that became an instant classic. This song prepares you and your baby/toddler for when they start learning how to walk. DMX says, “Ay yo I’m slippin’, I’m fallin’, I can’t get up, Ay yo I’m slippin’, I’m fallin’, I gots to get up. Get me back on my feet so I can tear ish up. I’ve been through mad different phases like mazes, to find my way and now I know that happy days are not far away.” 

For parents with older kids please go down memory lane to when your kids were learning how to walk. They would wobble around and fall down as they were getting used to the concept of walking. They would slip and fall, but get back up. Once they mastered the art of walking and they were able find their own way around the “maze of life” or the house, happy days came because they completed that milestone. 

What’s My Name? 

Another part in the early development of your child is communication. You talk to your baby all the time. You let them know their name and your name by repeating them over and over again. Once they start trying to speak you would encourage by saying, “What’s my name? Can you say daddy? Can you say mommy?” You would keep on asking them what your name is and once again a song from the DMX catalogue can be used as you walk in the path of great parenting. 


This song is a no brainer. As parents we want to teach our kids right from wrong. We look to raise kids who will bring good into the world. How do we do that as parents? We lead by example. We can preach to them the difference between what is right and what wrong. Ultimately we have to lead them by our actions more than our words. As X says If they go down the wrong path, “You still gotta pay them dues!” That sounds pretty ominous, but life can be scary if don’t think about your actions! 

Party Up 

Parenting is fun and rewarding, but there are times when we are tested by our kids. I think DMX felt that way as he penned the lyrics for Party Up. You can tell parenting influenced the following part in that song when X’s belts out, “Y’all gon’ make me lose my mind. Up in here, up in here. Y’all gon’ make me go all out. Up in here, up in here. Y’all gon’ make me act a FOOL. Up in here, up in here. Y’all gon’ make me lose my cool. Up in here, up in here.”

I mean seriously. Spot on! Can I get a show of hands on how many parents felt that way when their kid was having a tantrum in a store or it is the last day of vacation and your kids kept on fighting with each other? X was spitting real bars right there. So when you hear Party Up just remember that being a parent isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. There are going to be tough times. Just take a deep breath and remember we all have been there. 

So as you can see DMX covers all the main components of what goes into good parenting. I will say that you might want to listen to him when the kids are not with you. Some of his words of wisdom might be too hard for kids! Wu-Tang might be for the children, but DMX is for the parents! 

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