Wu-Tang Is Really For The Children

One of the most memorable lines that Ol Dirty Bastard ever said was, “Wu-Tang is for the children.” Since he uttered that phrase during the Grammys that line took on a life of its own. Yet, if you think about it, ODB was just sharing facts. Over the weekend I was listening to some of the songs from the Wu-Tang catalog and started to believe that Wu-Tang is really for the children. Once you see my connections about ODB’s statement, you will never look at Wu-Tang the same way.

Wu-Tang Members That Prove Wu-Tang Is For The Children 

Raekwon The Chef – Let’s first start off with Raekwon. His nickname is the Chef. Any good dad knows that you need a strong meal game to get even the pickiest eaters to finish their meal. Raekwon knows this as well. That’s why he donned the moniker Chef. He knows that besides cooking up rhymes, you need to cook up some fresh food to get your kids to eat. 

Method Man – Any prepared dad has a method to the madness that is parenthood. You start off like a deer in the headlights when you first become a dad. Once you get a routine down and your child starts to sleep through the night, you rely on your methods. You become a Method Man of your own. In addition, Method Man is known to spell out words in his songs, which we all know that helping your kids learn to read is all about repetition by spelling the words out. 

More Wu-Tang Members That Connote Fatherhood 

Inspectah Deck – For Inspectah Deck, this is a dad who takes everything very seriously. From checking out the quality of a jungle gym at a playground to checking out the sugar levels in the foods they eat, this dad inspects it all. This calculated dad wants to make sure every decision he makes for his family is the right one. 

Ol Dirty Bastard – Now you might have heard that the term bastard is for a child that doesn’t know his father. So the dads growing up without a dad know how important it is for a child to have a dad. This dad might be rough around the edges, but he really cares about his family. He wants nothing but the best for them. This type of dad will sacrifice anything for his family. 

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