A Game For The Ages – The Art of Fatherhood

This past week an epic basketball game was played. You won’t see the highlights on ESPN or on your local news sports segment. Yet, this type of game for the ages has been played around the world for many years. It happens when kids start to understand the game of basketball on a deeper level. My daughters and I have been playing basketball together for some time now. As they get older they are understanding more about the game. Their shooting range is increasing. In addition they are realizing that working together and complementing each other’s skill set is a great way to win. My daughters and I played a two on one basketball game after dinner one night last week. It will go down as one of the greatest games in all of basketball history! 

A Game For The Ages 

There was something in the air that night. We just didn’t know it. The weather that night was perfect. It wasn’t too hot or too cold. We stared shooting around to get warmed up. We talked about playing to 30 points and that you have to win by four points. That is our usual game length and rules. I had my oldest shoot to see who would get the ball first. Her shot went in and my daughters started on offense. The first part of the game seemed like any other game. They shot a few buckets and I answered. At one point I was up by 10 points. The score was 16-6. I was talking a little bit of smack and my daughters used that to fuel themselves to inch closer to my point total. 

As we approached the witching hour of the game I saw my daughters unlock a mode I have never seen before. They were moving the basketball around the court and taking great shots. They were determined to keep this game close. And they did. I took a shot to go up by three points and my daughters did not get dejected. They just came back and scored a two pointer. I was up by one. I took another three and missed. They got the ball and shot a two pointer. Now they were up by one. I answered with a three and was up by two. The score was 32-30. Overtime here we come. 

The Game That Kept On Going 

The game was going back and forth. It reminded me of that epic game Larry Bird and Dominique Wilkins had back in the day. They were going back and forth. Just like Bird and Wilkins, my daughters would answer my shot with a shot of their own. At times there was a three point lead and the other team would answer. We started getting into the forties. Even though we were getting tired the adrenaline fueled us to keep going. They would take the lead and then I would take the lead. 

Then it happened. I was down by one and wanted to take a three. I shot the ball and bounced off the rim. My youngest got the rebound and passed it to her older sister. She got the ball and shot a three pointer. She drained it. It went in. The final score was 55 to 51. They screamed with excitement. They won. I was very proud that they didn’t give up. They ran into the house to tell their mom that they won the game. This game meant a lot to them, but I feel like it meant more for me. My daughters never stopped playing. They were all in. I love spending time with them and I will always remember this game. Their jubilation was the icing on the cake. These are the moments you live for as a parent.  

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  1. I remember sweating my butt off when my kids were your kids age. It was such a fun time. Hold on to those moments. Playing games with my kids was so much fun.


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