Build Your Own Lightsaber Hilt – A Fun DIY Family Project

My family and I are big Star Wars fans. We were supposed to go to Disney World last year, but the pandemic changed those plans. My daughters were looking forward to checking out Galaxy’s Edge and creating their own lightsaber. Since we didn’t get to go to Disney World I thought of a fun way that we could still make our own lightsaber hilts at home. I went to a hardware store and purchased spray paint, PVC pipes, some plastic pipe pieces and fittings to make the hilts. My family and I really enjoyed this DIY craft and we hope you will too. 

What You Need For Your Lightsaber Hilt 

To start the project have your family make some sketches of what they want their hilt to look like. Once you see their concepts go to the hardware store and pick up materials for the hilts. The best materials to get for the hilt are plastic pipe pieces and fittings. Pick up some PVC pipes that are about 6 to 8 inches long. You can have someone at the store cut the PVC pipes for you. There are a ton of different items at the store to make your hilt unique. Next make sure you get some spray paint to add color to your hilt. Most of the plastic pieces will be white so I picked up some silver, black and gold spray paint colors. Also, pick up some washers and other metal small hardware pieces to add to your hilt. 

Building Your Lightsaber

When you get home create a space where you can spray paint the plastic pieces. Ask your family to help out and have them paint their PVC pipes and pieces and fittings. I would wait a day for the paint to dry. After all the pieces are dry start constructing your lightsaber hilt. Most of the plastic pieces and fittings will lock in to place on the PVC pipe. You can drill the washers and other small hardware pieces onto your hilt. Now you have your very own lightsaber hilt. It is a fun way to spend time with the family. You will have your own keepsake from that time together. If you work on this craft please share your creation with me on social media. I would love to see them. May the Force be with you! 

6 thoughts on “Build Your Own Lightsaber Hilt – A Fun DIY Family Project”

    • You are welcome Fred. I hope your padawans enjoy the craft.

    • Great to hear Chris. MTFBWY.

  1. That looks AWESOME! A few years ago my family made our own lightsabers out of pool noodles! We could have epic battles and nobody would get hurt…mostly.

    • Haha…love it man. That is great. You would think foam would cause no injuries, but somehow kids find away.


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