Chris Agos Talks For All Mankind, Fatherhood & More

Actor and dad Chris Agos sits down with me to talk about his new show For All Mankind on Apple TV+, fatherhood and what his reaction was when he found out that he and his wife found out that they were having twins. We also talk about his journey into the entertainment and voice over world and his latest book, The Voice Over Startup Guide: How to Land Your First VO Job. 

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About Chris Agos 

Whether you’re pursuing a career in voice over or on-camera acting, Chris Agos is your best friend. Drawing on his nearly twenty-five-year career as a full-time actor and VO guy, he’s equal parts mentor, cheerleader, and realist. He connects talented individuals to the information, tools, and concepts that gets careers growing.

He is the voice actor and author behind The Voice Over and Voice Acting book series, which makes working in voice over easy by providing readers with simple step-by-step instructions, professionally written VO scripts, and instructional audio files.

Chris has appeared in TV shows across various networks and streaming services and has lent his face and voice to dozens of top advertisers. Originally from Chicago, Chris spent years teaching creative and talented actors who have developed successful on-camera and voice over careers of their own.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and twin sons and continues to audition and work as an actor and voice talent every day.

Follow Chris on Twitter at @ChrisAgos.

About The Voice Over Startup Guide: How to Land Your First VO Job 

In this book you’ll gain access to the exclusive world of professional voice over in seven simple steps. Voice over actor Chris Agos walks you through the most effective ways to earn money in today’s professional voice over industry, and more importantly, how to keep your career rolling. You’ll gain a clearly-defined map of the industry that will open up opportunities you’d never have thought possible. What’s more, we’ve included sample scripts and audio tracks of every important voice over style, so you can hear how the professionals do it.

Click HERE to purchase the book. 

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