Clickbait Websites That Parents Might Actually Check Out

Since the dawn of the internet there have been clickbait websites, bots and pop ups that try to divert your attention while you are surfing the web. We have grown to ignore these sites that are thrown our way. We laugh at the feeble attempts from those sites. All you need to do is read the title of the article and you know to stay clear of that site. Have you ever clicked on one of those sites? Did you ever get the temptation to fall down that internet rabbit hole? As a parent I was thinking of about what article titles or sites that would make me venture to click on that post. Here are some that I am guessing parents would click on to see if there was a parenting hack we would want to try out.

How To Make Your Child Always Brush Their Teeth By Using This One Weird Trick 

My daughters had a dentist appointment this past week. One of them had a cavity. It is normal. It happens to all of us. I had a few cavities back in my childhood years. Yet when they brush their teeth it seems like they never move their toothbrush. The toothbrush just stays in one spot. I know a lot of parents feel my pain. I think we would all click on that post to see what that one weird trick would be to get our kids to brush properly. Let’s face it, taking them twice a year to the dentist is a struggle in itself. You don’t want to make that third appointment to take them back to the dentist. 

What Every New Parent Must Know About Getting Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night 

This headline is pure gold for new parents. The first year of trying to get your baby to sleep though the night can be an arduous task. After a few nights of broken sleep parents would click on that article faster than when a baby cries when you put them into their crib after you were holding them. You don’t care what site you are going to. You just want that answer to solve the riddle of getting your baby to sleep through the entire night. 

This Is How You Get Your Child To Text You Back Right Away – Extreme Clickbait

Parents know that texting is the main form of communication of tweens and teenagers. If parents want to be able to communicate with their kids they have to be well versed in the world of texting. Not hearing back from your kids after you sent a text three hours ago can cause parents to go to DEFCON 5. Any parent of an older child would want to venture to that website to figure out the secret that can get their kids to text them back right away. 

Your Child’s Room Will Always Be Clean If You Follow These Three Steps 

Could you imagine walking into your kid’s room and being able to see the floor? This is what parents dream about. (Sad but true.) So curiosity would get the best of us and we would click on that link only to find out that those three steps would never work. Also why do these articles say “these three steps?” Can’t it just be one step? 

I am guessing the three steps would be the following: 

1. Buy this furniture set from us. 

2. Show your kids how to keep everything in it’s place. 

3. Make sure your kids stay on top of cleaning their room.

Ultimately you will be out of the money you spent on furniture that your kids didn’t want in the first place. Their room will still be messy. If only these clickbait sites worked. Could you imagine clicking on an article with the word “clickbait” in it? Who you do such a thing? 

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