Paint Colors That Are Inspired By Parenting

Like most people during this pandemic I have been doing a lot of DIY projects. One of those projects has been painting parts of the house. Whether it is painting a room a new color, doing touch ups or having to paint over that darn toilet paper holder that was ripped out of the wall. (That toilet paper holder is a topic for another day.) Picking out a new color is easy, well somewhat easy. It all depends on what your spouse wants for a particular room. The tough part is matching a room that you have no idea what color that paint is because you bought a pre-owned house. To those scoring at home I am two out of three on that front. What gets me every time now when I go paint shopping are the names companies come up with for these colors. 

Are You Serious 

Okay pop quiz hot shot! Which of these following paint colors are fake? Expressive Plum, Softened Green, Mink or White Duck? If you answered that all of these are real then you are correct. If you scored a goose egg let me give you one more shot. Which of these paint colors are fake? Searching Blue, Temperate Taupe, Gateway Gray or Black Fox? If you answered that all of these colors are legit you win again. I am all for creativity, but these paint colors are hilarious. So I decided that there should be paint colors that are influenced by parenthood. Here are some paint colors that I know that parents would appreciate. Which one would you pick up for your house? 

Paint Colors For The Whole Family 

I Hope That Is Chocolate – We have all been there as parents. You see a brown mark on the couch, wall or chair. At that moment chills are running down your spine. As you trudge over to that spot you are praying that the stain is chocolate and not poop from either your toddler or pet. The sniff test is the only option here. Why not get a paint color to match that fear you have as a parent? 

Orange You Gonna Want To Hang Out Here?  – There is that one room in your house that no one really hangs out in. It is just there. It can be a dining room where no one in the family has ever eaten a meal or just a room that your parents tell you to stay out of because that room has the nice furniture in it. So go bold. Go with a paint color that will make people want to either finally hang out in or it can become the perfect conversation starter when you entertain guests and relatives. 

Better Than The Beige Your Room Had Before Blue – It seems that every new house has that basic beige color. It is found in most of the rooms downstairs and hallways. (Author note: You would think it would be an easy color to match, but that was where I struck out in finding the paint color to match the original color. That is why I didn’t go a perfect 3 for 3 as I mentioned earlier.) So if you are tired of the blah-blah beige color that the house came with why not go with a color that takes it up a notch in your house. It can be a nice blue color. 

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