Collector of The Week – An Elegant Lightsaber Collection, For A More Civilized Age

A new week means a new post for Collector of the Week here at The Art of Fatherhood. As a fellow geek and collector of all things Pop Culture I wanted to showcase some cool collections that dads share in our community. We love to see this passion in what people collect. We talk about the latest movies, sports memorabilia, lightsabers and video games that we are enjoying at the moment.

This Week’s Collector – An Elegant Lightsaber Collection, For A More Civilized Age

This week’s collector is me. This week is Star Wars week to celebrate Star Wars Day, aka May The 4th. With that day in mind I wanted to share part of my lightsaber collection. 

Ever since I saw the original Star Wars trilogy in the 80’s I wanted to have my own lightsaber. To this day my all-time is favorite lightsaber is Luke Skywalker’s from Return of the Jedi. When I saw the green blade ignite from the hilt I was so excited to see a new color other than red or blue. Now as more stories develop we get more Jedi and Sith lightsabers. Some of my favorites are lightsabers from Leia Organa, Revan, Darth Vader, Mace Windu, Yoda, Mara Jade, Darth Maul and Darth Sidious. I love the fact that you can just get the hilts and display them in your office. You can show off your collection that would make General Grievous proud. 

Build Your Own Lightsaber Hilt – A Fun DIY Family Project

I hope enjoyed part of my lightsaber collection. Also my family and I created our own lightsaber hilts that you see in one of the pictures above. Click here to learn how you can make your own. For more on lightsabers, check out my review of a book from Insight Editions called Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection.

Whatcha Got? 

It can be comic books, bottle caps, records, helmets or whatever you are into! I want to see what your passion is and why you started up that collection. For me, I believe that in each collection lies a better story. I want to share your story! Feel free to reach out to me and share your collection.  If you enjoyed this post check out another Collector of the Week article.

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