Cordell & Cordell Looks To Help Dads During Tough Times  

There are a lot of times where dads feel like they are on an island. They need to feel like they are the rock for their family. They might keep all of their emotions on the inside. During tough times that a family may face, the stereotypical notion for a dad is to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. One of those times is when a family is going through a divorce. Dads that go through a divorce need answers and sometimes don’t know who to turn to. Thankfully Cordell & Cordell is there for dads when they need someone in their corner. 

How Cordell & Cordell Can Help Dads During Tough Times 

I have spoken with dads on my podcast, The Art of Fatherhood, who have experienced going through a divorce. They shared with me a lot of different feelings and emotions that they had when they were going through a divorce. One of the most common themes was how much they missed their kids. These dads were trying hard to get as much time with their kids as their partner. Being distant from their kids was one of the hardest things they had to digest. Some of the dads didn’t know who to turn to for help to get equal time with their kids. That is where Cordell & Cordell comes into play. 

Tips For Dads Who Are Going Through A Divorce 

For those who might not know, Cordell & Cordell is a family law firm focused on divorce for men, child support, child custody, and all other family law practice areas. Not only does they have attorneys that will fight for dads, but their website is full of tips, videos and podcasts that have a ton of information for dads. They can answer your questions and also provide you information you might have never even thought about as you go through a divorce. 

You can listen to their podcast, check out their YouTube channel and follow them on social media. They share valuable information. Cordell & Cordell have been helping dads since 1990. They are one of the nation’s largest domestic litigation firm representing men. So if you are reading this and you believe that you might be heading towards a divorce, make sure you check out their website. Not only will it benefit you, but your children and the time you can have with them. 

Please note: I teamed up with Cordell & Cordell for this post and campaign and was compensated, but my thoughts are my own. 

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  1. Thanks Art for being an advocate for all dads. I went through a divorce a few years ago and felt isolated. It is getting better, but I could have used help from others.

  2. We need more companies like CC to help out men. We are asked to do a lot for the family and when things go sour in a marriage, the guy usually gets the raw end of the deal.

    • Thanks Andrew for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it.

    • Thanks Tim, for sharing your thoughts.

    • Glad I could help, Steve.


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