Who Pulls Up The Anchor When He Needs To Move On 

Traditionally dads are the ones who are the anchor for their families. They look to support the other members in their family. When times are great, they celebrate those wins. On the flip side, when the going gets tough, dads look to offer words of encouragement and solutions to the problem. What happens to the family when a couple is headed for a divorce? Who comforts and supports the dad? From the stories I have heard from guests on my podcast to my different friend circles, dads go through that pain alone. Sadness, loneliness, anxiety are things that all creep into their lives. Their life is getting flipped upside down. If you know someone who is going through a divorce and looking to help out, here are a few things I have learned in this parenting space on how to be an advocate. 

Who Will Be The Anchor For The Dad

Life is not perfect. There is no Hollywood ending to each story. When a friend of mine is going through a divorce, my heart goes out to the entire family. I try to be a good listener. In addition, I just want to let my friend know that I am there for him. Most of the time the dad is the one that moves out of the home and lives alone. The emptiness in that new house or apartment is tough on its own, but the absence of his kids is a gut punch. If you are reading this and feel alone, I suggest you reach out to a great friend. Ask for help. Talk to them about everything you are feeling and going through. 

Don’t have a friend you can count on? I have seen that. Dads lose connections with friends over time because they are focused on their family and work. Join a dads group in your area or online. In the different dad circles that I am in, I have seen dads who are going through a divorce get help from other dads who went through a divorce. There is a strong bond in a group that has each other’s back and willing to share their personal story. I have seen a lot of dads help a fellow dad out when they need it the most. With that said, these groups and friends are amazing, but when it comes to making sure you have all of your bases covered, you should turn to an expert. They can help you navigate the rough waters that come with a divorce. 

A Partner Men Can Count On 

Cordell & Cordell is a partner men can count on. They are a family law firm focused on divorce for men, child support, child custody, and all other family law practice areas. I have interviewed their CEO, Scott Trout for my podcast. It is worth a listen if you are going through or headed down the path of getting a divorce. He shared a ton of information on how men can prepare for the next chapter in their life. Plus, Scott talks about how dads can make sure they get time with their kids. Cordell & Cordell looks to be an anchor for men. For more information on how Cordell & Cordell can help you and your family go to their website at cordellcordell.com

Please note: I teamed up with Cordell & Cordell for this post and campaign and was compensated, but my thoughts are my own. 

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  1. Thanks for speaking up for all dads, Art. It was really tough going through a divorce. It has been a few years, but luckily I still get equal time with the kids with my ex.


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