Who Pulls Up The Anchor When He Needs To Move On 

Traditionally dads are the ones who are the anchor for their families. They look to support the other members in their family. When times are great, they celebrate those wins. On the flip side, when the going gets tough, dads look to offer words of encouragement and solutions to the problem. What happens to the … Read more

Cordell & Cordell Looks To Help Dads During Tough Times  

There are a lot of times where dads feel like they are on an island. They need to feel like they are the rock for their family. They might keep all of their emotions on the inside. During tough times that a family may face, the stereotypical notion for a dad is to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. … Read more

Scott C. Trout Talks Fatherhood, Gives Divorce Tips & More 

Scott C. Trout sits down with me to talk about his fatherhood journey. He shares the values he looked to instill in his kids as they were growing up. After that, Scott, who is the CEO of Cordell & Cordell shares some tips with about families going through divorce. Scott shares how Cordell & Cordell … Read more