Dad Creates Short Shorts For Dads To Show How Crazy The Short Shorts Fad Is 

Calvin Lee had enough of his kids walking out the door for school looking like they were not wearing any shorts or pants. The short shorts fad was driving him bonkers. No matter how many quips or zingers he would spit out, the only thing he got back from his kids were eye rolls. Yes, he knew optics of him complaining on this topic would be like the meme of an old man yelling at a cloud. He didn’t care. Calvin just wanted to have his kids wear shorts that can be seen instead of ones that are being hidden by an oversized hoodie. 

Who Wears The Short Shorts 

He knew he had to approach this issue in a way that would embarrass his kids. Lee had an idea, but didn’t know if he had the gumption to go all in. All of that fear went away when he saw his kids coming home from school wearing the short shorts. He was going to make his own short shorts line exclusively for dads. He knew a few dads that would rock the new shorts with him. Just like Calvin, these dads were done with this fad as well. Calvin ventured off to the store to buy some clothes in the men’s department. He got some scissors and went to town by cutting his own short shorts. Now he just needed a name to call them. The lightbulb went off and B.O.D By Dad was created. 

B.O.D. By Dad 

Lee tried on the first pair of the B.O.D. By Dad shorts. It was part hilarity and part horror. His upper legs were so white it looked like he was bleaching them. Yet, he knew once his kids saw him in his own short shorts, they would do anything to make sure those shorts wouldn’t see the light of day. His kids walked into the house glued to their phones so they didn’t immediately  see their dad’s new fashion line. “DAAAAAAAADDDDD!!!! What are you wearing?!?!?”, one of his kids barked at him. Lee with a smile said that they inspired him to create B.O.D. By Dad. 

His kids were not happy and said he was too old to wear clothes like that. He quickly responded, “Didn’t you tell me that people should feel free to wear the what they want and be able to express themselves?” Before his kids could respond, they got texts from their friends asking why their dad gave other dads short shorts. After a few days of going back and forth with the topic, surprisingly enough the kids in that town started to wear longer shorts. Chalk up a win for Calvin and his fellow dads! 

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