Taylor Swift Songs That Relate To Parenting. Are You Ready For It? 

I can hear the sighs and feel the eye rolls from people reading this headline. You are thinking, do we really need more Taylor Swift in our lives? I say yes. Just hear me out. I think there are too many Taylor Swift haters out there. She is a fantastic songwriter and singer. In addition, she has a keen eye for business. Plus, some of her songs titles can relate to parenting. Here are a few of them that come to my mind. 

Ready For It 

This song goes out to the soon to be parents. Are you ready for parenthood? Your baby will soon be here. Did you set up the crib? Do you have enough wipes and diapers? There are so many thoughts that are filling up your mind. Just take a deep breath and know you got this. Trust your instincts and ask friends for advice who you feel are good parents. No matter how much doubt you may have, just know this. If you are worrying about this, it is a sign that you are a good parent. Your child is not even born yet and you are constantly thinking about them. Enjoy the ride of parenthood! You are ready for it. 


This track goes out to the parents of newborns. Your baby is delicate, but is not a porcelain doll. Like I mentioned earlier you have to trust your instincts. In addition, the snuggles that you have with your baby are times that you should cherish. You also have to work on your noise levels when they are sleeping or napping. Your steps need to be delicate. This especially goes for the nighttime feedings and diaper changes. You need to be delicate as you navigate around the baby’s room to get them back to sleep after the diaper change. 

Never Grow Up 

Some parents want their kids to stay in the toddler to elementary school age range. They don’t want them to grow up. These parents love how their kids look up to them. This stage of childhood is where the bond with your child starts to strengthen. As cute as that is, we all know that part of being a good parent is that you want your kids to grow up to be healthy and happy adults. I will say that it is a gut punch when you get a Facebook memory reminder that is a picture of your kids when they were toddlers. At that moment you realize how fast time flies. 

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

This one might be some low hanging fruit, but any parent can relate to this phase. We all were kids once. Therefore, we all have damaged something in our parents house. From knocking over a lamp to breaking a window, you experience it in different ways if you are a parent or a kid. My advice to new parents out there is that don’t buy nice furniture until your kids are older. There is more of a chance that you will not have to buy something new because bags of flour destroyed your new couch.  

Cruel Summer 

Unless you are a teacher, having a traditional job during the summer when your kids have off is cruel. You want to spend time with them, but you have to pay the bills. Depending how old they are you might have to spend money on daycare or summer camps. You are happy that your kids are enjoying their summer vacation, but when you pay the bills for the camps it really is a cruel summer for you and your wallet. 

You Need To Calm Down

Now, I know what you are thinking. This song must be dedicated for the kids that are acting up. Yes, that is part of it. The other part is for the parents who might be acting up and taking things too far. I have found that if you want your kids to listen, you need to model that for them. So before things get out of hand, you all need to calm down and talk things out. Having a cooler head will go a long way for you and your family. So if you are being to loud, just remember that you need to calm down. 

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