Dad Joins PTA To Create The Ultimate Fundraiser 

Richard Sullivan came up an idea that would end all of the outlandish school fundraisers that the PTA hosted throughout the school year. After a few emails to the PTA President and no response from her, he decided to join the PTA board. Richard was beyond excited to share his ultimate fundraiser idea to the PTA and school staff. He knew he had something special and couldn’t wait to share it with the rest of the PTA. Sullivan felt that everyone would agree that this would be the best idea ever. 

One Fundraiser To Rule Them All

Richard knew that he was not the only parent that was sick of all the odd ways the PTA looked to raise money. From selling frozen breads to cans of mixed nuts that cost way more than the ones you get at the store, Richard would just write a check to the PTA and not want anything in return. Some other parents felt the same way, but they were in the minority. Others wanted to get something for the money they sent to the school, even if it was soggy bread that was shipped to your home. So what was his idea? The idea for the ultimate fundraiser came to him while he was at one of his kid’s middle school graduation. His idea is that the school and PTA should sell seats for graduation. It is one of the most attended events at the school and each school can capitalize on it. 

Why This Fundraiser Idea Will Work 

The lines outside the gymnasium for the graduation ceremony were ridiculous. He and his family arrived 45 minutes before the ceremony and was in the middle of the pack. Once the doors opened up the lines of people were moving in at a respectable pace. Unfortunately because so many people showed up, the gymnasium the school ran out of seats. There was a lot of people now standing in the back of the gym. In addition, the people who had seats  because they got there early, now had views that became obstructed. As Richard was taking this all in, he thought this is where the school can make their money. It was all about supply and demand. 

After sharing his idea to the PTA and school staff he felt that half of the people in the meeting were onboard, while the others still needing convincing. Thankfully he was prepared for this. He showed them his powerpoint presentation and how this could all work, while still being fair for those who maybe couldn’t afford a bidding war online through second market vendors for tickets. What really sealed the deal for him is when he mentioned the money they would make would eliminate all other fundraisers and would create less work and headaches for the PTA. Now everyone was on board and his dream become a reality. 

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