Dad Presents Loading The Dishwasher Course To School Board

We all have our pet peeves. I feel that they multiply when you live with others. It can be a friend or family that gets on your nerves and vice versa when sharing a living space. For one dad, Tyler Williams his pet peeve of his family loading the dishwasher incorrectly has reached its limit. After showing his kids how to load the dishwasher properly for over a million times he thought of another way to get them to listen. Maybe his kids teachers can get through to them. Here is how Tyler tried to make loading the dishwasher a course in school. 

Loading The Dishwasher Leads To Better Grades 

Tyler needed a way to convince the school board on why this would be an important class for kids in middle school. He felt that if he showed them the correlation of loading the dishwasher correctly and getting good grades they would be on board. So Tyler drew up a powerpoint presentation that described how looking at the dishwasher in different ways can help kids learn how to think outside the box. After adding more business cliches to his slide deck he was ready to show up with his presentation at the next school board meeting. It was like Christmas Eve for him the night before the meeting. He could barely sleep because he was so excited to give his presentation to the board. 

The School Board’s Reaction 

After a 30 minute presentation Tyler was waiting with bated breath to hear their reaction. There were a few members who asked Tyler if this was a joke, but he told them that if kids can load a dishwasher in a correct manner they will learn so many life skills that will help them with their other subjects. A few of the school board members told him that they will talk to the schools to see if they could do life skills class where they would include loading the dishwasher.

Even though Tyler wanted the class to focus solely on the dishwasher he thought the other life skill lessons could help out him and his spouse at home. If his kids learned more life skills that they could use at home and it would be a win-win. Tyler agreed and asked how he could help get this class going in schools the next school year. The board told him that they have to take the proper steps and will get back to him soon. Now Tyler waits to hear back from the board to see if his idea gets turned into a reality. As a parent would you be on board to have a school course like this for your kids? 

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