Things Parents Do That Should Be Considered An Olympic Sport

When I was younger I didn’t quite fully understand all the hoops my parents jumped through for me and my sisters. Now that I am a parent I can see that there are certain things that we do that could be qualified as an Olympic sport. Let’s just get the biggest, toughest one out there right now. That is something that only the moms can do, which is child birth. That is in its own separate category and gives them the gold medal right away. After that here are some activities moms and dads do that the International Olympic Committee should look to integrate into the Winter or Summer Olympics in the near future. 

The Great Balloon Olympic Trek 

We all have made the trip to the store to pick up those gigantic birthday balloons. Whether it is the big number balloons or the gaudy ones that come in all weird shapes or sizes, the trek from the store to the car is that of a hero’s journey. You are walking in the store not sure of where you should hold the balloons. If they are too high you can pop one on a light fixture. If it is too low it keeps hitting you and other people in the head. 

Once you awkwardly pay for the balloons you venture out to the great outdoors that tests you both mentally and physically. If it is windy your job of securing all the balloons safely to the car just intensified. If you don’t have an SUV or van you already messed up. A sedan or compact should immediately disqualify you from the event. Once you get all the balloons into the car don’t take a victory lap just yet. You still have to get to your destination with ALL the balloons in hand. If you get cocky you might loose all the balloons at the party. Trust me. I am speaking from experience. A few years ago I opened the back of the van and all the balloons just went up into the air. All I could do was just wave at them as they flew into the atmosphere. 

The Hiding Of Presents 

As we approach the holidays we are trying to hide all the presents from our kids. I have heard from savvy parents who have stored presents in other people’s attics or garages which should be applauded. Yet if we are talking about Olympic type events doing something like that could be seen as using steroids. You have to hide the gifts in your own house if you want a chance at winning a medal. From secret places in the house to even the bold parents storing gifts in almost plain sight I have seen many miracles happen where kids don’t have any clue where the presents are hiding. You just can’t brag to others since your kids are always listening and might discover your hiding spots. 

Eating Snacks In Secret 

Just like hiding presents, the hiding and eating snacks in secret is part of what makes a parent a parent. You tell your kids not to ruin their dinner, but as you are saying that from one side of your mouth the other side of your mouth is eating a cookie while you are making dinner. The actual eating is not the hardest part. It is when the package or bag keeps on making noises that gets the attention of your kids. How do you snack in secret? Is it gold medal worthy? 

The Stuffing Of Veggies In Meals 

We all love the sweets, but what about the veggies? If you have picky eaters having them eat fruits and veggies could be a real struggle. So you might have to sneak those good foods into other foods. From smoothies to soup you can find many recipes or dishes that will distract your kids from thinking they are eating healthy. Most kids love eating fruits or vegetables, but for the ones who have a select list of foods they will only eat this is where your parenting skills get tested. One way to at least earn the bronze medal is by sneaking some frozen spinach into a smoothie. They can’t taste it and they are eating something that is very healthy for them. 

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