These Dad Shirts Are Calling Out Those “Cute” Kid Shirts

We want our kids to know that they can express their feelings openly with us. Most of the time it is done through conversations we have with them. Sometimes it can be done through fashion. We all have seen those “cute” kid shirts that have some wacky or funny phrase on them. That is all well and good, but what about us parents? Can’t we have some shirts that clapback? I made a few mock-ups of dad shirts that I would love to see moms and dads wearing when their kids look to express their feelings through fashion. Which one would you rock? 

The Dad Shirt Of All Dad Shirts 

We have seen the phrase I used to be cool on vans or station wagons, but let’s take it to another level. Show the world that you used to be cool, but also teach your kid who is wearing a shirt that says I’m so cool, that eventually that coolness factor fades. It is all about teaching your kids all aspects in life. This is something your kids should learn at an early age. 

Feeling Cute Now – Later Not So Much

Do you remember all of those feeling cute social media posts? Well if not there are plenty of shirts to remind you of that trend. For reasons unbeknownst to me someone thought it would be a great idea if we encouraged kids to throw tantrums. Who in their right mind would put the phrase feeling cute, might throw a tantrum later on a shirt? Someone did. So dads and moms can rock a shirt that raises a warning to their kids in case they have any inkling of throwing a tantrum. Do they want to lose an XBOX because they are feeling cute? If there is a chance that they might lose their video game console I am guessing they won’t throw that “cute” tantrum. 

We Know What Must Be Done 

Some kids need constant supervision. This especially happens at the toddler stage when they are trying to find a weakness in the system. So if the grandparents pick up a shirt for your kids that says “requires constant supervision” you are almost giving your kid a free pass to do whatever they want. At least you can rock a shirt to let everyone including your kid know that you will be right there with them making sure they don’t get into too much trouble. 

Another Cute Shirt 

If anyone gave my kids a shirt that says “my parents think they are in charge, that is cute,” I would immediately donate that shirt. We don’t want to give our kids they idea that they are the head of the household. If they keep trying to push that notion you can wear a shirt that tells them all the things they will be responsible for if they think they are in charge. Would love to see how they find a way to pay the mortgage. 

Sarcasm Can Lead To An Internet Outage 

In some family themed sitcoms we see the kids say some outlandish things to their parents. Whether it is a laugh track or a live studio audience your kids will see how those quips said by the kids actors gets a bunch of laughs. That is fine for TV Land, but not in the real world. If your child thinks they are auditioning to be the next famous child actor in your house by tossing out some one-liners make sure you wear a shirt that shows them the consequences. If they are looking to make a sarcastic joke you might want to let them know that the WI-FI might disappear for a bit. Who is laughing now? 

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