Dads Beyond The Spotlight Of Changing Diapers And Going To The Park With The Kids 

When you work in a certain field you tend to miss things that others from the outside can see clear as day. I have not only been a dad for over fifteen years. In addition, I have been working in this parenting space for about thirteen years. I do get to see a lot of perspectives from dads, moms and kids. It helps me become a better father and partner to my wife.

Here is one thing that I want to share with you. Dads are still seen as the trophy parent to be put on a pedestal from time to time. We still have a long way to go to see moms and dads as equals. I want to be clear when I mean parenting equality. Therefore, I am talking about moms and dads, for the most part, can do anything when raising kids. Moms and dads share the workload when it comes to parenting. 

No Trophy Needed For Changing Diapers 

Moms and dads are tired of the high praise dads get for the low effort things dads are seen doing out in public. Dads get embarrassed by the praise when they are out and about with their kids. In addition, moms get frustrated when dads can do the bare minimum and seem to get a ticker tape parade. The more we keep this mentality up the more the parenting gap stays open. I would throw out a challenge to someone who might praise a dad taking their kid grocery shopping. Give the exact same compliment when you see a mom doing the same thing you did for the dad. Does that notion seems awkward to you? Just know that the dad feels that same way when they are being complimented for the little things. 

Dads Buy Things Too 

There is another gap that I have seen in this parenting space. It is that companies tend to think that moms are the ones who buy groceries or clothes for their kids. I have seen “mom approved” on packaging of certain items. Advertisers ask me if any women listen to my podcast. Yes, moms make up a decent percentage of my audience. Yet, men care just as much when it comes to providing for their kids.

I tell my kids to never stop learning. In our home we look to learn something new each day. As I continue running the Art of Fatherhood, I am grateful for the many lessons I learn. Some of those lessons are on the dynamics in the world of parenting. My wish is for my kids and their generation is that the gap the society puts between moms and dads closes. It will make parenting a bit easier for moms AND dads. 

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  1. I love this article! As a society we need to work on getting rid of the double standards and stereotypes of parenthood. Well written.


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