Dads, Daughters And Justice For All

As a dad of two daughters I try to be there for them in every way that I can. I want them to know that they can always count on me. I work from home and I am usually around to help with homework and take them to all of their after school activities. I even take them shopping. Yes, dads can take their daughters shopping. I enjoy the time that I get to spend with them. We chat about everything from the latest comic book movie to what they learned at school that week. 

I remember that my parents asked me to go shopping with them as I got older so I could find my own style. I wanted to carry on that tradition with my kids. Each of my daughters has their own taste in clothes. I encourage them to find clothes that they feel comfortable in and at the same time represents who they are. 

Dads, Daughters And Justice For All

One store that lets my daughters rock their own style is Justice. They like the shirts, pants, skirts and even items to decorate their rooms at that store. It is a place that lets each girl find their own voice. Justice has clothes for all occasions. From dresses to sporty clothes to everyday favorites your daughters can find all the styles they want at Justice. 

They even have a great selection of shoes and coats to make Justice a one-stop shop for your daughters. My family and I went shopping last weekend and we were able to find clothes for school, comfy pajamas and even warm pullovers as we approach the colder months of the year. They might have convinced my wife and I to also get some earrings and bracelets. I didn’t mind since there was a great sale on accessories. 

Another thing that I am glad they like shopping at Justice is that the company runs programs to help girls succeed in life. From science clubs that promote STEM and other clubs Justice wants to encourage girls to learn. They even run campaigns where they help kids in need. Right now Justice teamed up with Nationwide Children’s Hospital to help raise funds for that organization. You can go to to see how you can help. 

If you want to make your holiday shopping easier well there is an app for that. The Live Justice app makes you as a parent know exactly what they want for the holidays. Your daughter can create her wishlist on the app and her favorite items will show up on the app and she can email you the list. There are even coupons generated when you get her list. You save time and money with that app. Just another reason why we all like shopping there. If they don’t have a smartphone or an email address you can always get them a Justice gift card! 

So if you are looking for a store that has value, style and fun make sure you go to Justice. For more information on Justice you can go to their website at  My family and I received great customer service from Sue and her team at our Justice store. I want to thank Sue and her team for their help when we were at the store. 

Please note: Justice gave me a gift card to go shopping and give a gift card out to our Life of Dad Facebook Live audience, but my thoughts are my own. 

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