A Glimpse Of The Past In The Present

“No one’s ever really gone.” – Luke Skywalker – The Last Jedi 

I miss my mother. She passed away back in 2012. She ended her battle with cancer when my daughters were around the ages of 4 and 2 years old. They do recall memories of their Gigi, but I am sad that my daughters don’t get the chance to spend quality time with my mom. To make matters worse my mother-in-law passed away a few years before my mom. 

My wife and I talk about what it would be like if both of our moms were still alive today. There are times where our daughters say to us that they miss their grandmas. It is a hole in all of our hearts that can’t be replaced. Yet there are times when I feel like my mom’s and mother-in-law’s presence is with our family.

Recently my wife and I have been talking about how we see our moms in our daughters. It could be a facial expression that our youngest would have that would remind us of my wife’s mother. Then there are times where my oldest will act like my mom. 

Glimpse Of The Past

A few nights ago right before it was bedtime my oldest says to me that she needed a drink of water. She goes into the kitchen and fills her glass up with ice and water. For those who knew my mom you can see the connection. My mom would always fill a water bottle up with ice and water before she went up to bed. I even see the similarities in how my oldest holds the glass of water that was just like my mom.

When we experience these moments my wife and I look at each other and smile. We feel our moms around us. In a perfect world our mothers would still be alive and be able to spend time with our daughters. Yet when my wife and I catch glimpses of our moms in our daughters we take a moment to share memories of our moms with our daughters. 

In those moments it is as if our moms are with us. We do cherish those times and make sure we honor them by sharing stories with our kids. So the next time your child does something that reminds you of your parent or grandparent I suggest you talk with your kids about how there is a connection from each generation in your family. It is a great way to respect and value our family members from the past. 

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