AJ Buckley Talks Fatherhood, SEAL Team & His Fantastic Dad Invention

Last week I got the chance to sit down and talk with actor and entrepreneur AJ Buckley. Currently AJ stars on CBS’ SEAL Team and his runs his company called, Paperclip. I talked with AJ about being a dad of three, and how he and a friend developed and launched “Paperclip” after being stuck in a men’s restroom with nowhere to change his baby’s dirty diaper.  

He envisioned a diaper bag that would be cool for a dad to carry and be a self-contained changing station that unfolds in seconds, so parents can be confident and ready when that special moment arrives.  You will hear his passion for fatherhood and his fantastic diaper bag line. We all have seen dads struggle when they are looking for places to change their child’s diaper. Thanks to AJ and his crew that is no longer an issue. 

AJ also opens up about his actor career and how he struggled in the beginning, but how being a father inspired him to work even harder. 

About AJ Buckley 

In his long and varied acting career, AJ Buckley has appeared in more than 30 feature films and numerous television series. A versatile and prolific actor, he is equally adept at both dramatic and comedy roles. He is perhaps best known to global television audiences for his role as scientist Adam Ross on the long-running series CSI: NY, in addition to recent roles as a hard-nosed tactical officer in Murder in the First and romantic sociopath Danny Crowe in Justified.

Most recently, Buckley starred as a misfit cop in the critically acclaimed CBC drama series Pure, which has been acquired by the Hulu Network and is scheduled to stream this summer. Other notable television credits include guest appearances on the Netflix original series Narcos and a turn as Anna Faris’ jealous boyfriend on Entourage.

In one of his favorite comedic roles, Buckley portrayed Ed Zeddmore on The CW’s Supernatural, the leader of a group of wannabe ghost hunters called The GhostFacers. The character was a fan favorite, and Buckley wrote and directed first spin-off project for Warner Bros.

Buckley’s recent films include Disney Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, voicing T-Rex Nash, and Home Sweet Hell from Sony Pictures, which he also helped write and produce.

Born in Ireland, Buckley immigrated to Canada at the age of 6. He spent his teenage years in British Columbia, where he began his acting career guest starring on shows such as The X-Files. It was after his breakout role in the film Disturbing Behavior that acclaimed director David Nutter suggested he move to Los Angeles.

Buckley is the co-founder of Paperclip, an innovative line of high-end diaper bags designed for modern parenthood, and is also a partner in The Pipeline Poké House in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Currently, Buckley resides in Los Angeles with his partner, Abby, and three kids. In his spare time, he enjoys keeping fit, boxing, motorsports, watching UFC, healthy eating, and traveling the globe in search of thrilling new experiences. Also, he supports men’s cancer charities and child welfare projects. His birthday is Feb. 9. 

Follow AJ on Twitter @AjohnBuckley and on Instagram @ajbuckley and go to papercliplife.com to check out the ultimate diaper bags. 

About Paperclip 

Paperclip’s mission is to develop thoughtful, stylish and environmentally-conscious products for the modern parent, and to proactively do their part in making the planet a safer, cleaner place for generations of children to come.  In September 2019 Paperclip announced all their changing bags will be made from no less than 75% reclaimed and recycled ocean plastic. Their latest innovative and environmentally-conscious line launched in Nordstrom (online) on September 15th.

8 thoughts on “AJ Buckley Talks Fatherhood, SEAL Team & His Fantastic Dad Invention”

  1. First, Happy Birthday to you AJ as my birthday is February 9th also. Quite a few years ago before you were born I’m afraid. I knew there was a reason I would like to have you for a son. 🙂 Love you on Seal Team & your sense of humor, but most of all I appreciate all your accomplishments & those darling children of yours. Wife is very stunning also. Glad you invented something for dads that actually change their kids diapers. Very inventive. Good luck in all your endeavors and God bless

  2. I’m gonna have to check your other shows out! I followed you from NCIS-NYC to seal team. You have a beautiful family! I enjoy u on Seal Team I want you with the naval lady! You can still be a dad & career! I enjoyed reading your bio! I will continue to follow your career! I have 3 grand children the paperclip bag would have came in handy on our travels!

  3. Aj your an amazing charcter in seal team ive watched it twice now lol i think you and david are great actors and your babies are so cute you look like a great dad good on you emjoy your partner and your family wishing you all the best

    • Thank you for checking out the podcast!

  4. Awesome invention. Awesome show. Awesome character portrayal on that show. Beautiful wife. Beautiful kids. Beautiful Family. Hot Friend/Partner (LOL). If you ever get to read this… Sláinte!


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