From Santa’s Helper To The Bag Man To Others, Which Holiday Dad Are You?

As we approach Christmas, there are a lot of dad stereotypes out there. There are dads who love making a special breakfast on Christmas. Then there are the dads who have the garbage bag at the ready to collect all the wrapping paper. You have the dad who acts as Santa’s helper and the one who is like an elf building all the toys on Christmas Eve night. Which dad are you? 

Santa’s Helper 

This type of dad is the one who helps Santa place gifts all around the house. The Sants’s Helper dad knows where to put the best gifts to have the kids open last. He might even create a blueprint for Santa and others to follow on Christmas Eve. This dad also makes sure that the right type of cookies are left for Santa. In addition he makes sure that there are carrots for the reindeer. Since Santa is traveling all around the world in one night, he really appreciates these dads! 

The Bag Man 

This type of dad has recently become a social media meme. These dads are most likely former Boy Scouts since they are always prepared. The Bag Man dad gets the garbage bag ready as his kids gather around the tree to open up their presents. He enjoys his kid’s reactions to the gifts they open up, but is even more delighted when the wrapping paper ends up in the garbage bag. 

The Chef 

Not only do these dads love Christmas Day, but he puts his chef hat on to make his family a special breakfast. He has the griddle full of bacon, pancakes and eggs. These dads might make a fun holiday shape or design with the breakfast items. From snowman pancakes that have powdered sugar on them to ones that looks like a reindeer, these dads are doing it right for the holidays! 

The Builder 

This type of dad is making sure all of the power wheels cars or dream homes are fully built before Christmas Day. They wait until the kiddos go to bed to put on his construction hat and build toys at a Guinness book of world record pace. Once they read the instructions for a third time, they are ready to get to work. These dads are also the ones who have all the batteries in stock just to be sure all the toys will be ready for Christmas. 

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