The Only Reality Show You Need To Care About 

Dance Moms. Vanderpump Rules. Survivor. American Idol. Big Brother. Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Ever since reality shows came into existence, our society has been obsessed with them. Believe it or not the first reality show can be traced back to the 1940’s with Candid Camera. The number of reality shows now have multiplied like rabbits since its creation. There are even different genres of reality shows. Most of these shows love to zero in on someone’s pain.

To be honest, I am not a fan of these shows. We all have our vices, so I am not looking to throw stones. I am just sharing my opinion. Over the past few months I have seen people talk about reality shows and seem to be obsessed with them. They even will say why are these shows on the air. I wouldn’t care if these shows go away. If you do need to watch one, here is the one you should focus on. 

The One Reality Show You Need 

You want to watch a reality show to have people you care about. The best ones are true to life. You can really relate to someone on that show. In addition, once you spot someone being fake you might get turned off by caring about them. Which reality show has all of these components? The good news is that you don’t have to subscribe to another streaming platform for this show. The show is right in front of you. It is you and your family. That is the only reality show you should take stock in. You don’t need to get caught up in fake drama. You don’t need to stress over people, who are not stressing about you.

The Problems With Reality Shows 

Reality shows tend to create a ton of FOMO. If you have social media, you probably get enough of comparing your life to others. So you don’t need to add more stress and anxiety in your life. You have a lot on your plate already. Another side effect is that you start copying some bad traits from people on that show. From gossiping about people to judging others, you take on these traits as if you are looking to audition for the next reality show. If your kids are watching with you they might see the negative behavior traits and mimic them. Therefore you should turn off the latest season of the Housewives of Anytown USA. You are better off. If you really need to itch that reality show fix, you and the people you put in your circle are the only ones you need in your life. 

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