These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 29 – Dads Putting Their Kids First

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right series I wanted to show some love to dads who are putting their children and families first. Some of these dads left their job and became a stay at home dad to be there for their kids. They share their fatherhood journey with us by the stories they write on their websites. They help other dads out there with writing their experiences as fathers. Make sure you check out their work. 

Benny Finlay – Daddy Poppins 

Benny Finlay quit his job as an Auctioneer in 2016 to concentrate on bringing up his two beautiful kids. He felt their childhood was passing him by and wanted to spend more time with them as they grew. He’s been telling dad jokes, making puns and sharing the inside track on what it’s like to be a stay at home dad. He is from Ireland and created and has been on social media ever since.

Ben Fung – Dad In The Raw 

In 2013 Ben became a dad! People used to know him better as Dr. Ben Fung. Over at his site, Dad in the Raw, Ben dropped the doctor title, position, and pride. He wanted to give people a raw look at his life as a Work-At-Home Dad who quit a six figure job to become a better father. Check out his site over at to see his fatherhood journey. 

Gus – Dad Mode On 

Gus loves spending time with his wife and daughter. He started his site as a way of keeping track of life. Plus it helped him stay sane as a new dad. He initially started his blog to track his wife’s journey through pregnancy. Since the birth of their daughter, he learned that there’s so much more to talk about and do as a dad. The phrase “Dad Mode On” is a phrase that slowly became his mindset ever since he found out he was going to be a father.  He feels that it is a phrase that is akin to turning on “God-Mode” in a videogame where you the player are unstoppable and cannot be harmed from the regular rules of the game. He thinks adapting this term in becoming a Dad is very fitting as he believes in order to become a decent Dad, you really need to turn on a switch to ensure you are the best that you can be.  So his mindset is to reach an exceptional level of parenting and ensure that Dad Mode is turned “ON.”

Evan Porter – Dad Fixes Everything 

Evan is a dad to a beautiful and fiery daughter. He feels that raising kids is tough. He has had a lot of questions along the way. So Evan created Dad Fixes Everything to share all of the answers he wishes were easier to find when he needed them. So that’s what you’ll find on this site. Evan won’t have long drawn out stories about his life or his problems. You will get the best answers he can find to common parenting problems. No fluff, just the useful information he wishes he knew when he became a dad. 

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