These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 33 – More Dad Blogger Sites You Need To Check Out

This week’s for the Dads Doing It Right series I am putting the spotlight on some more dad bloggers. Here are five dads that are sharing their fatherhood journey. I appreciate what these dads and other dads are doing by showing the world that dads care about their kids. If you have a dad blogger site that you like to share with us put it in the comment section below. 

Cort Ruddy – Ruddy Bits – One Dad’s Blog 

For Cort, Ruddy Bits is different than most dad blogs out there, especially the popular ones with lots of readers. He doesn’t impart wisdom too often, or give a ton of thoughtful advice. Mostly, he just writes stories. There are many types of stories at his site. There are funny stories, infuriating stories and random stories that he writes about. It is his therapy. Cort and his wife and have four kids. Cort says that with four kids, old folks still stop you on the street and tell you what a beautiful family you have. If you have five, everyone expects you to start handing out pamphlets on the coming apocalypse. So, that is why he and his wife have four. Check out his work over at 

Alan Lawrence – That Dad Blog

Alan started his blog as a way to share his joys and challenges of being a father, but also as an outlet for my creativity. Lawrence and his wife have six kids. During the day he is an art director and web designer. He has a passion for photography. Topics he covers at his site are traveling, Down Syndrome and more. Make sure you read his work over at 

Dave Taylor – Go Fatherhood – Single Dad Under Construction 

Dave Taylor writes about his experiences as a single dad with three great kids and his occasionally tenuous grip on sanity. He’s pretty sure they’re related. Dave writes about parenting teens, movie reviews, car reviews, game reviews and family vacations. He will throw some of his thoughts on food and living that Dad life. Make sure you read his stories over at his dad blogger site at 

Colby Shipwash – Days Of A Domestic Dad 

Days of a Domestic Dad is for fellow parents who are simply living the dream. For Colby, it’s the daddy dream life. He share’s real stories about family life and travel, as well as plenty of auto and tech talk. Colby became a stay-at-home dad back in December 2012. His time in the corporate world was met with an untimely end, so he and his family decided it was time he started to work for himself and started up his dad blogger site. Check out his work over at 

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