These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 4 – These Dads Can Cook

For this week in the These Dads Are Doing It Right series I am showcasing some dads who can get things cooking. From setting up the ultimate lunch to grilling a delicious dinner, these dads make sure their family is well fed. These dads can cook! I have know some of these dads for some time now and others I met in the past few years. They are fantastic dads. Make sure you check out their website and social media handles to get the best recipes your family will enjoy. 

Beau Coffron – The Lunchbox Dad – Play With Your Food 

Beau is one heck of an artist. I have known Beau for a while now, but he still surprises me every time I see the lunchbox theme he creates. From Star Wars to Super Mario, Beau designs the most amazing and tasty lunches for his kids. Don’t just take my word for it. His work has been on Good Morning America, The Steve Harvey Show, as well as other television shows. He has been featured on, The Huffington Post,, and in People Magazine. That is legit! Beau and his family also have taught classes on healthy and fun eating for Whole Foods Market. He even does some crazy sugar art. Check out for more on Beau and follow him on Instagram and his other social media handles.

Rob Ainbinder – The Pitmaster Of Barbecue

Rob can grill with the best of them. I had the great opportunity to check out his food. It is really good! When I went to his house I saw how many grills and smokers he has in his backyard. He is very serious about grilling and smoking food. He has a website called Pitmaster Tools. You can go there for barbecue tutorials, information and accessories.

He wrote The Pitmaster’s Log Book. It is for home and competition barbecue teams who like to keep track of and log the outcome of every barbecue cook. Everything in his log book has a function. There are reference charts and cooking notes to help your grilling needs. He smoked a turkey on a charcoal grill which led to him getting his first offset barbecue pit. Many of his early cooks was written down on college rule paper. Those notes and then after led up to the Pitmaster’s Log Book. To purchase the book and to check out his site go to

Darren W. Carter – Texas Styled BBQ With A Cleveland Twist

Darren Carter’s BBQ videos alone will make you hungry. Darren created a video series that showcases his love for BBQ. Carter’s BBQ came out of the passion of doing what he loves. Darren has spent countless hours perfecting his love for grilling and taking the craft to the next level. He and his wife, Theresa, strive to make the best BBQ prepared with the love of what they do! I interviewed Darren a while back about his craft. He takes it very seriously. You need to follow his video series by checking out his site at

Derek Campanile – Dad With A Pan

I had Derek on one of my podcast shows a few years ago. Derek looks to share delicious, fun and easy to create family meals! His website, Dad With A Pan’s mission is to get dads who may or may not know how to cook, to give mom a night off in the kitchen. He wants to make it fun to come back to the table by enjoying great food. He does this by creating easy to following step-by-step recipes, as well as blog posts to give you ideas on putting together your own meals, getting the children involved, and tips and tricks. I have found that when you get your kids to help cook that dinner they tend to each everything on their plate. So make sure you go over to his site for a ton of great recipes. 

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