Do You Hear What I Hear?

Listen. We ask our kids to listen when we talk with them. We ask people to hear us out. Unfortunately these past few years it seems that we are not taking the time to listen to others. We are too busy yelling over the other person that is talking. People need to make sure their voice is heard. We have become selfish. Our opinion is the only one that matters. Hear me out first and then if you are lucky I might listen to what you have to say. 

Deep down I feel that humans want to leave this planet better for the next generation. Whether or not you are a parent I believe that we as a human race want the next group of people to live and thrive on this earth. How can we accomplish this if we don’t take time to listen to what other have to say? We need to make an effort not just to listen, but digest what someone else has to say. Try to see things from their perspective before we judge them. Hate and anger seems to rule over peace and love. You can preach care and love for others, but are you really practicing what you are preaching? 

Hear Me Out 

My wife and I tell our kids that communication is really important. If you read my thoughts here on my site you know that I am big fan of communication. A true relationship in any form is a two-way street. It seems that people are not taking the time to truly listen to what someone other than themselves has to say. People scream and yell about what they want. It is sad to see that the art of conversation has left humanity. 

Why have we evolved into this cycle of anger and hate? Yes there is good in the world. I don’t believe that we are all gloom and doom. It just doesn’t seem to help when news sites and social media tend to promote discord. When was the last time you went to a different news source to learn about the latest story? Do you keep going to one site for your news? If you answer honestly you might see that you are getting the same stories from people who have an agenda. You might not see it, but you are being lead down a certain path. Do yourself a favor and look at few different sites for news. It will benefit you and your mental health. 

Listen To Others 

Before you form an opinion about the latest news story take a breath. Don’t retweet something that you didn’t fully read. Take time to read the whole article. The gas shortage was a great example of this. If you listened to the entire story you would have known that gas levels would go back to normal in about a week. Yet people just saw the phrase gas shortage and freaked out and made matters worse. You saw selfish people stock up on gas filling barrels upon barrels when others needed gas too. We keep on giving into fear and the hype. 

How can we change this ideology? Listen to what others have to say. Then go to another site that has a different point of view. Go to other sites after that one. Form your thoughts after taking in information from multiple points of view. If you see someone that has a different point of view take time to see why that is. 

I have told my daughters to not jump to conclusions right away. You might see something that bothers you. Read up on that subject. Get multiple points of views on that topic. Take the time to listen to others. Not only will you benefit by learning from others, but you won’t make a rash decision on that topic. 

How We Can Do Better

We need to do better as a society. We need to listen to others that are a different gender, race and religion. Don’t take the easy way out and fall into stereotyping other people. This past year and now this year has brought so many challenges for our society. We keep adding fuel to the fire when we don’t listen to others. People need to stop trying to be the loudest voice in the room. We need to start being the role model who listens to others. When this happens we get to see things from a different perspective. 

As you teach your kids about life and the lessons you have learned make sure you tell them to listen first. See what others are going through. If you teach them the golden rule, make sure you live by it as well. Be kind. Put yourself in another person’s shoes. If we want to make this place better for our kids it starts with us. Take the time to listen. 

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