Donnell Rawlings Opens Up On How His Son Is An Inspiration In Life And Work

Donnell Rawlings is one funny guy! If you are like me and really enjoyed The Chappelle Show you definitely know of Donnell’s work. He is one hard-working man! He has a podcast, two comedy specials and he goes out to different cities to perform his stand up routine. I had the great pleasure of talking with Donnell about fatherhood, becoming a dad at an older age and how his son inspires him both in life and in his career. 

We chat about what he misses the most about The Chappelle Show, his creative process and the state of stand up comedy. We finish the interview with Fatherhood Quick Five. 

About Donnell Rawlings

You may recognize him from his hilarious sketches on Comedy Central, The Chappelle Show, MTV’s Guy Code, HBO’s The Wire, or Netflix’s series The Degenerates. Either way, Donnell Rawlings is sure to make you laugh uncontrollably. 

Most of his fans keep up with him through his content on his social media, with over 300K followers on Instagram, he gets to take his fans on the road and doesn’t fail to get laughs every step of the way. His podcast The Donnell Rawlings Show airs every week, covering current topics and regularly inviting his comic friends on for their input and commentary. If you can’t get enough from his podcast, he’s released two comedy albums Ain’t Worried About… and From Ashy to Classy that are available to stream on iTunes, Apple music, and Spotify.

Follow Donnell on Twitter at @donnellrawlings  and make sure you check out his website at

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