Stepping Outside The Routine To See Better Results

I am a creature of habit. My family and friends call me a robot based on my weekly routine. Wednesday is cleaning day. Thursday is laundry day. Friday is grocery shopping day. Each morning I make the kids breakfast before they head off to school. Once they are off to school I head to my gym to work out. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are cardio days. Tuesdays and Thursdays are days where I lift weights. Just another example of my routine. I needed something new. 

Time For A Change 

In the beginning of this year I started intermittent fasting. I wanted to change my diet and eating habits. As I saw results from the fasting I started to realize I needed to change my workout routine. This was going to be tough. I wanted something that would challenge me and fit with my schedule. It was hard to find both in the beginning. That was until I started working out on the Bowflex Max Total. 

I was able to continue to work out, but I didn’t have to go the gym. I could use one machine, but not get trapped into the same cardio routine. The first few days that I worked out on the Max Total I doubled my calorie loss during the same amount of time I would be on a machine at the gym. I saved time by not driving to the gym and I went from an average of burning 250 calories per workout to around 500. I was impressed and really sweaty at the end of each workout. 

More Than Meets The Eye 

The Bowflex Max Total has a bunch of features that I came to appreciate right away. One of them was the built in WiFi connection as well as the fact that I could watch my shows on Netfilx. You can access your Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime accounts on this machine. Not only am I getting in a great workout to start the day, but I get to catch up on shows that I wanted to watch for some time now. 

There is also the Bowflex JRNY app. You get the use of the app for free your first year. The app helps you with a friendly virtual coaching option. A coach speaks directly to you, coaching and motivating you through every individualized workout. I was able to get unique, individualized workouts that automatically adjusted time and intensity as my fitness improved. That coach was looking out for me so I didn’t fall into the same workout rut. 

There are trainer-led videos and educational content recommended to you based on your workout history. You can take the fitness assessment that is designed to learn your unique capabilities, and creates a personalized plan that is 100% unique to you. There is even the Bowflex Radio option that helps you keep on going with their ever-changing lineup of new playlists. Again the Max Total is helping me stay away from the boring routine. 

Max Out Your Workout 

There is a myth that cardio machines just help burn fat, calories and work out the legs and not your upper body is not the case with this machine. There are plenty of workout programs that help tone and strengthen your upper body. The Max Total helps me work on all muscle groups while I am burning calories. 

The Max Total also allows me to have intense workouts in less time. The combined elliptical and stepper design works your entire body. The timed workouts range from 7 minutes to 30 minutes. This is perfect for people who have a busy schedule and feel they don’t have time to exercise. I am so happy with the Bowflex Max Total. I have seen the benefits already in the past few weeks. I have more energy. There are so many different routines to help challenge me each day. I look forward to working out to see what achievements I can unlock every day. Are you ready for a new challenge? If so you need to check out the Bowflex Max Total. 

Please note: I was provided the Bowflex Max Total, but my thoughts are my own. 

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