Freddie Prinze Jr. Talks About DC UNIVERSE All Star Games

This week I had the great opportunity to chat with Freddie Prinze Jr. about many things. One topic was about a new video series on DC Universe called All Star Games. Freddie and his buddy, Jon Lee Brody came up with the concept after Jon found a game that they used to play back in the 80’s. 

If you follow Freddie on social media you know he has a passion for role-playing games (RPG). So when Jon told him he picked up the game Freddie turned to Warner Bros. to see if they could create a show. So as things moved in the right direction for the show Freddie and Jon created a RPG team consisting of Vanessa Marshall, Clare Grant and WWE superstar Xavier Woods. Their game master is Sam Witwer. 

I spoke with Freddie about what we can expect from the series and how you and your family can start playing RPG’s together. You can check out part one of my interview here in the video below. 

About DC Universe All Star Games

Presenting DCU’s first original unscripted gaming mini-series, DC UNIVERSE All Star Games. This new anthology series brings famous DC fans together to play a variety of games in the popular gaming show genre. Season One features a nostalgic role-playing adventure, The Breakfast League, from Executive Producers Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sam Witwer. DC HEROES, the famous post-crisis role-playing game, sets the stage for the first 5-episode season in which Vanessa Marshall, Clare Grant and WWE superstar Xavier Woods also join as players. Set in the same 80s era as when the game was first published, the five participants role-play as a group of high schoolers stuck in Saturday detention. As they improv their way through a variety of situations familiar to fans of beloved movies from that time period, they soon discover their destinies as the world’s greatest super-heroes.

Follow Freddie on Twitter at @RealFPJr and go to to watch the first season of About DC Universe All Star Games. Make sure you look out for my full interview with Freddie on The Art of Fatherhood podcast. 

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