The Perfect Day During Summer Vacation In The 90s 

Most of us parents right now are a little bit jealous as our kids are enjoying summer vacation. It would be nice to feel free like we did back in the day during summer break just for one day. Out of the many summer breaks, I would say the first summer when you got your drivers license ranks as one of the best. You didn’t need to ask your parents for a ride. Therefore, you were on your own time and the world was your oyster. You had a part time job that didn’t take too much of your time and that job supplied you with money to hang with your friends. What was your perfect summer day like? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. 

The Start Of Said Perfect Day 

I was not that stereotypical kid that would sleep until noon. For me, I would get up around 8 or 9. I would call my friends to see what they were up to and plan a time to meet at one of our houses to play basketball. No matter where we played we had a CD player that would be playing either Hip-Hop, Jock Jams or MTV Party to Go. We made sure we had some Gatorade in the fridge after playing a few games. Living in New Hampshire it didn’t get too hot to where we felt the heat. After hoops, we would hit up Pizza Hut or Wendy’s for lunch. During lunch we talked about whether we would cruise the strip near the beach or go see a movie or just hang out at the mall. There were days where we would do all of those in an afternoon and evening. It just depended on everyone’s work schedule. 

The Night Will Guide Us 

No matter what we decided to for that night, we would cool off after lunch at my friend’s house who had a pool. We would listen to some music, debate who was the best in the NBA and look at a newspaper* to see what movies were playing and showtimes. If nothing was appealing at the theater and we were not feeling either the mall or driving around the beach that night, we would drive to a Blockbuster to see what new releases were in stock or if there was any videos games we could rent. We would stop for dinner and then watch said movie or play said video game. 

I see my kids doing the same type of things now, but in their own way with their friends. I do miss those carefree summer days. It is crazy how fast time flies. My friends and I sometimes reminisce about how good we had it when we were growing up. So if your kids are complaining that they are bored, share some of your summer break stories with them and encourage them to make memories with their friends. 

*For movie times there were three ways you could find out when a movie was playing. 1. Newspaper. 2. Calling the automated phone line that would list the movies and times. 3. Drive to the actual theater to see what was playing. 

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