The Perfect Day During Summer Vacation In The 90s 

Most of us parents right now are a little bit jealous as our kids are enjoying summer vacation. It would be nice to feel free like we did back in the day during summer break just for one day. Out of the many summer breaks, I would say the first summer when you got your … Read more

Have Fun Out There This Summer With Your Family 

Do you remember the last day of school? The anticipation for summer break filled the school for both teachers and students. I miss that feeling. As an adult and a father, I do get that feeling from time to time when my family and I go on a summer vacation. There are so many distractions … Read more

Strum Away The Summer Blues With Music & Arts 

“I’m bored!” Those two words are like nails on a chalkboard to parents when they hear kids utter that phrase during summer vacation. You don’t want them to mindlessly watch TV or be stuck on their devices. So what is a parent to do? Well, thanks to Music & Arts you can engage your child with music lessons and if you act … Read more