Dad Reverses His Name For Newborn Son To Create A New Spin On Traditional Name 

Naming your baby can be one of the toughest things to do. You want the name to stand out, but you don’t want it to be too bizarre that your kid gets picked on at school. Plus, your partner might have different ideas for what to name your child. Let’s not even talk about both sets of families trying to influence your decision. In addition, some people like to carry on tradition by naming your son or daughter a name that runs in the family. Did you have a tough time naming your child? If so, let me know in the comment section below. 

Dad Looks To Get His Name In The Mix 

O.B. Johnson was getting up the courage to talk to his partner about how much he wanted to name their new son. He knew his wife already had a handful of names on her mind. She would ask him from time to time if he had any ideas, but he was always sheepish when the topic came up. While O.B. was at work, his friends and co-workers were giving him some support and advice to get work up enough strength to tell his wife how he feels about the situation. He had his doubts since his wife was not a huge fan of his own name. So if he wanted to get his way, he had to think of something that would win her over. 

Dad Finally Wins Naming Rights For Son’s Name 

Whenever he and his wife would have a serious discussion, O.B. would use humor to break the tension or to get his way. Most of the time he would defer to her because he followed the happy wife, happy life mantra. This time it was different. Maybe it was his co-workers advice or the gravity of the situation, he was determined to get his way. He shared everything that was on his mind to his wife. O.B. felt like she was on the fence so he went with a joke to see if he could seal the deal. He told her that if she really didn’t like the name, that they could just reverse his name. His wife gave him a look, but then a smile started to form on her face. She agreed with him to go with his name for their son. Otto Johnson was so happy that his wife agreed to naming their son after him, but just in reverse. 

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