Collector of The Week – Mini He-Man Comic Books 

A new week means a new post for Collector of the Week here at The Art of Fatherhood. As a fellow geek and collector of all things Pop Culture I wanted to showcase some cool collections that dads share in our community. We love to see this passion in what people collect. In addition, we talk about the latest movies, sports memorabilia, a mini He-Man comic book collection and video games that we are enjoying at the moment.

This Week’s Collector – Mini He-Man Comic Books

This week’s collector is from John. He is sharing his mini He-Man comic book collection. 

I know my collection is right up your alley, Art. I am around the same age as you. Growing up in the 80s, cartoons were everything for me. My friends and I would hang out at someone’s home watching Transformers, GI Joe and Masters of the Universe. Of course we all got into the toys. My favorite collection was the He-Man line. It was cool to get mini comic books with each figure you bought. Some of my figures were thrown out, stolen or sold at garage sales. I have a few of the figures, but I still have the mini comic books. My kids love reading them. I wish I still had all my old action figures. At least all is not lost, right? 

Thanks for sharing your collection John. I still have a few of the comics from back in the day. 

Whatcha Got? 

It can be comic books, bottle caps, records, helmets or whatever you are into! I want to see what your passion is and why you started up that collection. For me, I believe that in each collection lies a better story. I want to share your story! Feel free to reach out to me and share your collection.  In addition, if you enjoyed this post check out another Collector of the Week article.

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