80s Cereals That Need To Make A Comeback 

On a recent trip to the grocery store I took a walk down in the cereal aisle. There are all sorts of different genres of cereals out there. You have the sugar free cereals. There are some traditional ones that stand the test of time. Some cereals are actually desserts that are disguised by hiding it in a cereal box. There is a ton of protein cereals as well as a thousand types of granola. You could lose track of time by staring at all the different varieties in that aisle. 

As I was leaving that aisle my eyes caught a box I haven’t seen in a long time. It was S’mores Crunch from General Mills. It had the words “Back to the 80’s” on it. So naturally besides picking that box up, I was thinking about some other cereals from the 80s that need to make a comeback. Which cereal do you feel should be back in stores? Let me know in the comment section below. 

Trends From The 80s Cereals 

One of the biggest trends in the 80s for cereal was making one that was inspired by a TV show or movie. It was brilliant since most of the kids from the 80s would watch cartoons and eat a whole box of cereal on Saturday morning. That was a rite of passage back then. Another trend was to have an awesome prize in that cereal too. It could be a creepy crawler that was a giant blob of goo in the shape of a frog, spider or octopus. You threw it against a wall and would see it slowly creep down said wall. Or some prizes needed five UPC labels to be sent in and after a few years that prize would be sent to you. 

One of the most creepiest “prizes” were the masks that were on the back of the box. You would haphazardly cut over and around the dotted lines. Then you take a shoelace that was in your junk drawer and tie it on both sides of the mask. No matter what person, character or thing was on that mask you felt like a little Michael Myers running around your house. Hopefully you cut two holes to help you breathe around the nose. You also could have scored a small frisbee or action figures that were way too small to compete with the other ones you got in the toy section.

No matter what prize you got you couldn’t wait until you and your family were done with that cereal. You took the bag out of the box to see if the prize was on the bottom. If not you had to dig all the way down the bag with your hand pushing the cereal aside to get that prize. Your parents loved that! 

The Ones That Need To Comeback 

Ok, enough reminiscing about 80s cereal trends. Let’s get to the topic at hand. For me there are a few of the cereals that need to make a comeback. First and foremost, Pac-Man cereal needs to be back on the store shelves. Picture the Kix cereal mixed with the marshmallows from Lucky Charms. For some reason that combo was THE BEST!!! Next up, is one near and dear to my heart, C-3PO’s. The cereal pieces were shaped liked small figure-eights. They tasted so good! Kellogg’s introduced C-3PO’s one year after The Return of the Jedi was released in theaters. 

Another one is Mr. T cereal. This cereal was like Cap’n Crunch, but in the shape of the letter T. These wouldn’t get as soggy as Cap’n Crunch, because Mr. T hated soggy cereal. That and the T’s were bigger that the pellets from Cap’n Crunch. One last one to throw into this mix is the Dunkin’ Donuts cereal. There are a few varieties like glazed and chocolate. Both were great and hopefully the people at Dunkin’ will bring them back. I will take another trip down the cereal memory lane, but for now I will leave you thinking about one of the best times in history of breakfast. You are welcome. 

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