These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 159 – Fatherhood: Reloaded 

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right series I am sharing a few dads that have podcast or websites that focus on fatherhood. One of these sites is called Fatherhood: Reloaded, which I think is a great name for a dad website. To me it is a great way to remember that we can look at fatherhood in different ways. If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their name and info in the comment section below. 

Michael – Fatherhood: Reloaded 

Michael has worked in the technology field for 20 years and has been a father for 15. He is married and has three kids. In addition, he is a freelance graphic designer, and avid geek. He created Fatherhood: Reloaded as an online resource and publication. Michael likes creating compelling, entertaining and engaging content. With blog posts, reviews, nostalgia, trending stories, and informative information, including that of Arthrogryposis, the site is a haven for a wide-ranging audience. Check out his site here. 


FatherUp’s FREE programs empower you to be the hero in your children’s life story. Our experienced and passionate staff and seasoned peer mentors will work with you at every stage of your parenting journey. “Being a FatherUp dad means a lot to me because I know I have someone that cares about me. They care about the wellbeing of my family and will do all that they can to help me with no problem. So yeah it means the world to me to know I have a brother to reach out to even if it’s just to ask for advice.” Parrish says about FatherUp. 


Scott is the founder of SUPERDADSINC. He has two amazing boys and a daughter who is a daddy’s girl. He spends his time running around the Chicagoland Suburbs finding the best adventures for his kids to enjoy. SUPERDADSINC came to him when he noticed most of his conversations where happening with the moms during his outings. Very little fathers were not running around with their children. BOOM! SUPERDADSINC was started. Scott looks to inspire the next new playground, community events or fairs. Furthermore, he looks to create group camping events and picnics, major stadium events to movie nights in the backyard. Therefore, Scott is always on the move.

DJ Durl  

DJ Durl started up Fatherhood Fraternity. He is a husband and father who loves his family. In his journey of becoming a father, he wanted to make sure that the black father experience is being shown. Showing the good and bad of being a father is necessary for the fathers to come and the current fathers. In addition the main reason for his site is to give his daughters something to watch as they get over to be a constant reminder of how much they have been loved from the beginning. This is a safe space for all fathers and he hopes to build a community that is comfortable with asking questions and sharing experiences.

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