These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 99 – Dads Sharing Their Fatherhood Odyssey 

This week’s for the Dads Doing It Right series I want to highlight some dads who are sharing their fatherhood odyssey with us. These dads are looking to have you come along their fatherhood journey and help create safe places for dads to share their own thoughts and experiences. If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their name and info in the comment section below.

Father Hoods Podcast – A Fresh Fatherhood Odyssey 

Three dads share Hip-Hop stories, parenting advice and therapy in The Father Hoods Podcast. Hosted and developed by devout hip hop heads, Father Hoods is a weekly podcast where DJ EFN, KGB and Manny Digital. They discuss the joys and pains of fatherhood from the realest of perspectives. In their rap sessions they get into the things happening in their parenting lives, while sharing the tips and tricks they find helpful. All the while serving as each other’s trusted council in figuring out how NOT to screw up being good dads. Check them out here.

Next Stop Fam 

From different parts of the world, and both being expats in sunny Singapore, Simon and Lauren met back in 2015. They realized a shared passion for adventure, travel and new experiences. They enjoyed traveling together. Now with three kids they continue to explore the world. They have traveled to many places from Singapore to USA. Check out their adventures over at their website.  

Modern Dads 

Modern Dads is a Facebook Dad group. They want kids to grow up to be amazing human beings. These dads want to raise happy, health and self sufficient kids. To do this they feel that dads need to show up and engage with their kids is the first step. Dads should take ownership, seek knowledge, ask questions and try new things. Their group looks to support all dads, new and experienced. They do this by sharing ideas, knowledge, and lessons learned. Check out their group here. 

Patrick Ferguson – Fatherhood

Patrick Ferguson has a YouTube site called Fatherhood. It is a channel focused on strengthening parenting and helping out dads. Patrick wants to create a place for parents to come together and share our parenting highs, while learning from and growing from our parenting lows. His goals are to develop resilient, independent, and confident children. He also wants to create a positive legacy, for my children and their children. Check out his YouTube page here. 

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