Dad Using AI To Raise His Kids 

Mark Pandit is a fan of technology. He looks to see how the latest innovations are moving the needle. When his second kid was born, he left his corporate job and became the stay at home dad. Trying to raise two kids while his spouse was at work was a daunting task for Mark. The new dad books were not working. The advice from friends wasn’t working either. So one day when his kids were napping, Pandit got an idea. He loves his kids and loves technology. Why not combine both to become the best dad in the world. So using that theory, he decided to use AI to raise his kids. 

Using AI To Raise His Kids 

He started tapping into different AI prompts and sites to start this process. He was looking up how to use time management while taking care of children. After Mark put in his kids ages of 2 and 4 years old, those sites were spitting out frameworks on raising his kids. He didn’t want to share this new parenting style with his partner just yet. He wanted to feel comfortable with the results from AI being the main influence for raising his kids. At first he started to see his kids change in their demeanor. His kids were throwing less tantrums and listening more to Mark. Bath time and bedtime were a snap. His kids were not fussing at all. He was on cloud 9. His spouse was amazed on how well he was adapting to the stay at home lifestyle. Mark felt like he should have a statue outside of his home because of how great of a dad he was to his kids.

Something Is Off 

Even though Mark felt like he could do no wrong, he started to realize his kids were doing no wrong. While reading this, you might think to yourself what is the issue? His kids are picture perfect. Why mess with success? For Mark, his kids were becoming more like robots. Mark felt they were losing their own personalities. Sure there was no need for discipline, but his kids were not kids. Pandit felt bad and ditched AI. He wants his kids to be themselves. He stopped using AI when it came to parenting. After a few weeks, his kids had an almost rebirth of their former selves. Their kids started to talk back and not agree to everything. Mark realized that parenting should not be that easy. It is bad for his kids and their development. In addition, he was happy to see kids be…kids. 

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